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Originally posted on April 5, 2018 @ 2:25 pm

21 Funny Food Quotes for Anyone Who Loves Food

Funny Food Quotes - Overweight

I’m not overweight.
I’m just 9 inches too short.
-Shelley Winters


I can’t go on. I’ve got to eat something.

That’s it. That’s friendship.

The humanity. So many wasted brownies.

Funny Food Quotes - Eating

I can’t stop loving you eating.

Fixed it.

Funny Food Quotes - Diet

I’m on a diet
I’m on a diet
I’m on a diet

I was there for a bit.

Funny Food Quotes - Perfect.

Perfect has 7 letters.
So does foooood.
I think not.


Funny Food Quotes - Good Mood

Good Food
Good Mood.

Remember this!

Funny Food Quotes - Eat In 3 Places

I only eat in three places:
Here, There, and Everywhere!
-Daniel L. Worona

All the places.

Funny Food Quotes -Riddle

3 words, 8 letters
Say it and I’m yours.
I got food.

Music to my ears.

Funny Food Quotes - Food

There’s going to be food?
Okay, I’ll come.

I’m halfway there.

Funny Food Quotes - End

– FriEND
– BestfriEND
– BoyfriEND
– GirlfriEND
– Food
Only food has no end…

The riddle has been solved.

Funny Food Quotes - Pros And Cons

Pros and Cons of making food
Pros: food
Cons: making.

Then the dishes.

Funny Food Quotes - Snacks

How about we take this to the bedroom…
…I whispered to my snacks.

Serious relationship

Funny Food Quotes - Raw Foods

They say we should be eating more raw foods.
That’s all I needed to hear to whip up another
batch of cookie dough.


Funny Food Quotes - Cute Story

Really cute story
-boy: hey
-girl doesn’t say anything
-boy: i really like u
-girl doesn’t say anything
-boy: ok, i love u
-girl still isn’t sayin’ nothing!
-boy: and I never wanna let u go
-girl remains silent.
-boy kisses girl
-boy eats girl
-girl was doritos the whole time.

Doritos love everyone.

Funny Food Quotes - Junk Food

My relationship with junk food…

Funny Food Quotes - Food

That feeling you get in your stomach when you see him food.

All fluttery.

Funny Food Quotes - Cake

A party without cake
is just a meeting.

Boring meeting.

Funny Food Quotes - Carbs

How I cut carbs…

Slice ’em up.

Funny Food Quotes - Bad Things With Carbs

I just want to do bad things with carbs.

Is that so wrong?

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