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21 Funny Food Quotes for Anyone Who Loves Food

Funny Food Quotes  Overweight

I’m not overweight.
i’m just 9 inches too short.
-shelley winters


Funny 17 Minutes

I can’t go on. I’ve got to eat something.

Funny Biggest Bite

That’s it. That’s friendship.

Funny Brownies

The humanity. So many wasted brownies.

Funny Food Quotes  Eating

I can’t stop loving you eating.

Fixed it.

Funny Food Quotes  Diet

I’m on a diet
i’m on a diet
i’m on a diet
omg chocolate

I was there for a bit.

Funny Food Quotes  Perfect.

Perfect has 7 letters.
so does foooood.
i think not.


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Funny Food Quotes  Good Mood

Good food
good mood.

Remember this!

Funny Food Quotes  Eat In 3 Places

I only eat in three places:
here, there, and everywhere!
-daniel l. Worona

All the places.

Funny Food Quotes Riddle

3 words, 8 letters
say it and i’m yours.
i got food.

Music to my ears.

Funny Food Quotes  Food

There’s going to be food?
okay, i’ll come.

I’m halfway there.

Funny Food Quotes  End

– friend
– bestfriend
– boyfriend
– girlfriend
– food
only food has no end…

The riddle has been solved.

Funny Food Quotes  Pros And Cons

Pros and cons of making food
pros: food
cons: making.

Then the dishes.

Funny Food Quotes  Snacks

How about we take this to the bedroom…
…i whispered to my snacks.

Serious relationship

Funny Food Quotes  Raw Foods

They say we should be eating more raw foods.
that’s all i needed to hear to whip up another
batch of cookie dough.


Funny Food Quotes  Cute Story

Really cute story
-boy: hey
-girl doesn’t say anything
-boy: i really like u
-girl doesn’t say anything
-boy: ok, i love u
-girl still isn’t sayin’ nothing!
-boy: and i never wanna let u go
-girl remains silent.
-boy kisses girl
-boy eats girl
-girl was doritos the whole time.

Doritos love everyone.

Funny Food Quotes  Junk Food

My relationship with junk food…

Funny Food Quotes  Food

That feeling you get in your stomach when you see him food.

All fluttery.

Funny Food Quotes  Cake

A party without cake
is just a meeting.

Boring meeting.

Funny Food Quotes  Carbs

How i cut carbs…

Slice ’em up.

Funny Food Quotes  Bad Things With Carbs

I just want to do bad things with carbs.

Is that so wrong?

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