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26 Funny and Snarky Quotes
Quote Healthgoddess

A pretty good combination, you have to say.


Quote Backupplan I’m pretty resourceful and I think of all of my options. Alcohol is one of them.


Quote Worryeyebrows

Me and my snarky self are going to be fine but….


Quote Whenmascara

There’s no crying with MAC mascara!


Quote Wantabff

I’ll take $50 too.


Quote Todayimwearing Please don’t test my threats.


Quote Relationshipstatus And loving it! 


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Quote Rapnamehungry

My first album could be called “Always.”


Quote ProductivelastminuteAll the things are due..time to do them all NOW.


Quote Negativepatience

I could’ve told them that. Tragic but real.


Quote Mostlymistakes

Was that the answer they were looking for? I don’t think so.


Quote Mondayperson

Seriously, who asked for you to arrive, Monday?


Quote Momsaid

Do you know the answer yet?


Quote Mescrubs

Me: I’m old. So…old.


Quote Karmalist

Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in.


Quote Jenga

It’s the only way to get through all of this.


Quote Hellthrone

Going to be its QUEEN.


Quote Hairdowneffort Brushing it and wearing it down, yep, I made the effort. Lip gloss? I’m going all out.


Quote Fword

Food on Friday? You had me at Food!


Quote Followedfridge

Best trip ever.


Quote Doorbell

I don’t want to see people. That’s why I’m at home.


Quote Customdesigned

They need a show on HGTV. 


Quote Caloriescreatures

Those sneaky little critters!


Little devils, I know something was up.


Quote Beendoing

I call it the “I don’t care” plan.


Quote 30Blush

You can bet I’m going to blush at that price.


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