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Originally posted on February 11, 2018 @ 1:41 pm

26 Great Inspirational Quotes

Adventure begins at the end of the roads you know.

Great inspirational quotes about leaving your comfort zone so you can experience amazing places.

The darkness of the whole world cannot swallow the glowing of a candle.
-Robert Altinger

Shine bright.

Don’t let the opinions of others
consume you.

Or you’ll never be happy.

Happiness is a butterfly
which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp,
but which, if you will sit down quietly,
may alight upon you.
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Chasing after it isn’t always right.

It’s not how big the house is,
it’s how happy the home is.

Make it loving and happy.

Just because the PAST didn’t turn out like you wanted it to
doesn’t mean your FUTURE can’t be better than you imagined.

It might seem impossible, but it’s true!

But out of limitations come creativity.
-Debbie Allen

Let them fuel you.

Never put the key to your happiness
in someone else’s pocket.

You alone need to hold it.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Simplicity is beautiful.

Speak less than you know;
have more than you show. -William Shakespeare

Wise words from the Bard.

There’s a story behind every person.
There’s a reason why they’re the way they are.
They aren’t just like that because they want to.
Something in the past created them,
and sometimes it’s impossible to fix them.

Know this.

Don’t be into trends.
Don’t make fashion own you,
but you decide what you are.
-Gianni Versace

Be yourself!

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
-Martin Luther King Jr.

We have to keep hope.

Turn your WOUNDS
into WISDOM.

Turn pain into art.

You pray for rain,
you gotta deal with the mud too.
That’s a part of it.
-Denzel Washington

Great inspirational quotes to remind you that you need to be careful of what you wish for.

Resolve to keep happy,
and your joy and you shall form an invincible host
against difficulties.
-Helen Keller

A great inspirational quote from someone who struggled against the difficulty of being blind all her life. 

We met for a reason,
either you’re a blessing
or a lesson.


Storms don’t last forever.

They pass.

and the ANSWERS are SIMPLE!
-Dr. Seuss

Great inspirational quotes for teachers when they are faced with curious students!

When we fill our thoughts with right things,
the wrong ones have no room to enter.
-Joyce Meyer

Fill it up.

People never learn anything by being told,
they have to find out for themselves.
-Paulo Coelho

Yet another great inspirational quotes to remind you that most people are like children. Because of this, you should prepare them for making mistakes rather than saying I told you so.

Be happy because the most amazing person you can ever meet
is yourself!
-Vincent Benoit

Ever meet, but the sentiment is the same!

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