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39 Inspirational Quotes for Your New Direction in Life

Just breathe, and focus on what you can deal with.

Be so bold you don’t recognize yourself.

Don’t let your moment pass.

Just go on and decide what to do from there.

Just imagine their faces when you do.

Sometimes being in your head can be too much.

Just keep your hope.

It can eat you alive.

Is it time to address this?

It may be time to break that pattern.

You want to attract that energy, emit it.

You can set your own limits. Even if others don’t do so.

It should be what you want it to be. Know that you are special, unique and amazing.

It just makes me stand taller.

It weighs you down so much.

Why settle for what you don’t want when you can wait for what you do?

And I’ll find my way when I want.

Think about it. Did you realize?

You aren’t going that way, are you?

Life is about showing you were able to live it and thrive despite what happened to you.

You are so wild and amazing.

Remember that.

What are you looking for?

So what are you now?

We will rise.

It’s all perspective.

Remember that this is a stepping stone, not a boulder.

See the wonder in everything. 

Take what is given and make the most of it.

That’s you.

It isn’t that strong unless you make it so.

Stay strong, stay sweet, stay bold.

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