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Hilarious Minion Quotes

Minions are funny little creatures. They act all juvenile but sometimes they have they have the deepest insights. Check out these hilarious minion quotes.

Funny Minion Quote About How To Call A Family Meeting

If you want to call a family meeting,
just turn off the wifi router and wait in the room in which it’s located.

They will be very surprised.




A Funny Pictorial Minion Quote Comparing 2 Minions' Mood In The Morning

Me, me, me…I’m dead.




A Funny Minion Quote About How This Minion Feels In The Morning, Afternoon And Night

Why brain, why?




One Of The Most Hilarious Minion Quotes About Aging

Don’t worry about getting older.
you still get to do stupid things,
only slower.

Might even have more fun.




Minion Quote About What He'D Like To Be When He Grows Up

When i grow up i’d like to be a
retired lottery winner.

Such a dream.




Another Of The Funny Minion Quotes About Generosity

If i share my food with you,
it’s either because i love you a lot,
or because it fell on the floor and i don’t want it.

Think carefully.




Funny Minion Quote About Trying To Eat A Salad

I hate when i’m trying to eat a salad
and it accidentally falls in the trash and then
i have to eat pizza instead.

Lost so many salads this way.




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Minion Quote About Different Types Of Friends

Friends: can i come over?
real friends: i’m coming over
best friends: just appear in your room randomly.

Know them well.




Funny Minion Quote About Medication Labels

Just once, i would like to read a medication label that says:
warning, may cause permanent weight loss,
remove wrinkles & increased energy!

That would be a miracle pill!




Funny Minion Quote About Being Normal

When i told you i was a normal person,
i may have exaggerated slightly.

Okay, a lot.




Minion Quote About To Do Lists

I made a huge to do list for today.
i just can’t figure out who’s going to do it.

Hmm, I guess it just won’t get done then.




Minions Quote About Happiness

The less you give a damn,
the happier you will be.

Word to the wise.




Funny Minions Quote About Growling Stomachs

Dear stomach,
you are bored, not hungry.
so shut up!

Stop talking!




Minion Quote About Making Changes

I’m currently making some changes in my life.
if you don’t hear from me, you’re one of them.

Just wait and see.




Minions Quote About Recipe For Drama

Recipe for drama:
1 cup of gossip,
1/4 cup of rumours
and 9 lbs of jealousy.
mix well and cover in lies.
roast for as long as you lack self esteem.

A tasty dish to some.




Minion Quote About People Adding You As A Friend On Facebook

Why do people add you…
on facebook then never talk to you?

What is the point?




Funny Minion Quote About Eating

Eat whatever you want,
and if someone tries to lecture you about your weight,
eat them too.

Show them up!




Funny Minion Quote About Dreams And Reality

Does anyone see things in their dreams
and then later in life see the exact same thing
and freak out for a couple seconds?

Ah, so creepy.




Funny Minion Quote About Dollar Bills

Have you ever wondered if the dollar bills in your purse or wallet
were ever in a strippers butt crack?
if not, you’re wondering now.

And in 2020, the toilet paper shortage has everyone using those same dollar bills in their own butt cracks.




Minion Quote About Being Raised Right By Mom

My mom raised me right
i did wrong on my own.

She tried her best.




One Of The Funniest Minion Quotes About Not Getting In Trouble With The Wife

When your wife says she needs a new broom,
it’s best not to ask if she broke the last one in a crash landing.

May be broken over your head.




Quote From A Minion About Who To Be With

Be with someone who brings out the best in you,
not the stress in you.

You don’t need that.




Minion Quote About Weekends

Who needs another day added to the weekend?

So many days.




Minions Quote About Fatigue

I’m like 107% tired.

Why is this a thing?

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