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28 Funny Disney Memes That Tell the Truth

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Jasmine says “What else you got?”

This Disney meme tells the truth. Original stories, not live action remakes!

Tumblr Pkyd1Oee5A1Qlnmmu 640


His movie is Ratatouille

Tumblr Pdpyk5Nsmk1V0Deqjo1 1280

Honestly, they’re right.  Listen to this Disney meme!

Tumblr Pagmdatj511Tkezu4O1 640

It’s a Mickey head! Perfection.

Tumblr Pa97Uf2Qpd1Tkezu4O1 640

It’s the logo.

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How dare you!

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Seriously, why did Mulan use? 

Disney memes you can relate to.

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Come on, just another chapter.

Tumblr D1E8Cd019456D43Cffd5257Df4Cc39Be C613Aad9 640

They’re here!

Tumblr C1E5D351B15Dfafa87E48Dfe42Ce24Dc Bcfe5Cff 1280

Stunning accurate Disney meme.

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Mother knows best.

Tumblr A5E7Acdc81B95101775645F7373F3A6A 1A4D6Fb8 1280

What’s left?!

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Tumblr 73874E300Ae20930041A98Ab27076F77 9Fbeda83 500

None of this is for you!

Tumblr 28650F16Aca9F3F7F38E7B63Ce899994 74Bbaf17 400

Light up…

Tumblr 3199B6Aac53931B0Ba4F8200B6Fdb042 9958B9B1 1280

The lever, Kronk!

Tumblr 62A5D0Ed8E8A48C051688295Afae9625 80Fe2417 1280

Just throwing them out there!

Tumblr 47D4D3E17C10E543C304F14Cc504A0A4 A8450129 1280


Tumblr 9Bce42559835C6E91B3Fbe647173558D 6F8B320E 400

Getting all of them.

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Tumblr 2D29A3Da65974Bf3Db039A2Eb803A179 3F9770B6 1280

It haunts me.

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Look, I have a soul.


It’s the end of the Cars franchise.


She runs so dang fast. 

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