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Originally posted on March 8, 2018 @ 2:34 pm

28 Funny Shopping Memes for Any Shopping Fan

Funny Shopping Memes - Things Girls Love To Hear

Things girls love to hear:
1. I love you
2. That’s on sale.

Yep. Also “dessert comes free.”

Funny Shopping Memes - Just Let Me Shop

Just let me shop & no one gets hurt.

Simple request. 

Shopping Meme Funny - Haunts

Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy.

I could’ve bought that. I loved it. 

Shopping Meme Funny - New Clothes

I really need new clothes.
-Me, Every Morning

Also me: It’s time to wear the same 6 shirts.

Shopping Memes Funny - Shop O'clock

Because it’s shop o’clock somewhere.

And now it is here. I’m making it so.

Shopping Meme Funny - Shopping Sport

Shopping is a sport.

And the best kind.

Shopping Memes Funny - Online Shopping

The worst part about online shopping
is having to get up and go get your card out of your purse.

I should have it memorized by now.

Shopping Memes - Favorite Emails

My favorite emails are the ones
that let you know your order has shipped.

But when the tracking information isn’t updated…ugh.

Shopping Meme - Happiness

Happiness is…
receiving what you ordered online.

Especially if it was on sale.

Shopping Memes - Saturday

Saturday is for shopping.
(Online, & in bed.)

And Sunday!

Funny Shopping Memes - Shop Online

Stay home and shop online.
You’re too pretty to have to look for a parking spot.

Just keep it simple.

Shopping Memes - Sold

me: should I buy it?
brain: no
husband: no
universe: no
me: sold.

Funny shopping memes that speak the truth.

Shopping Memes - Woman's Favorite Words

Every woman’s three favorite words:
That’s on sale.


Shopping Memes - Online Fit


Funny Shopping Memes - Target Shopping Man Vs Woman

There’s so many things!

Shopping Memes - Target Shopping

The Target challenge.

Shopping Memes Funny - Transactions

When you look through your transactions
trying to find a mistake but there’s no mistake
because it was you.
it was all you.


Shopping Meme - Shipping

Why so much though?

Shopping Memes - Dollar Store

No matter how bad it gets,
I’m always rich at the dollar store.

Dollar, dollar, dollar.

Funny Shopping Memes - Black Friday

Silly girls,
Black Friday is for amateurs.
Real women shop all the time.

You take that time when you can.

Shopping Memes - Shipping

I must’ve tracked you a thousand times..

Shopping Memes Whispers - Stop Shopping

I need to stop.
I whispered to myself as I clicked add to cart.

“I won’t.”

Shopping Memes Quotes - Price Tags

I’ll never forget you.

Shopping Quote Memes - Online Shopping

Online shopping.
Because it’s frowned upon to be in a store with no bra,
Sweatpants, and a glass of wine.

Plus shopping outside has people.

Funny Shopping Quotes - Prayer

Dear Lord,
Please don’t let my husband be home
when all my online orders arrive.

The prayer.

Funny Shopping Memes - Online Shopping Arrival

Is it hear yet?

Funny Shopping Memes - Retail Therapy

I wish retail therapy was covered by my health insurance.

It isn’t.

Funny Shopping Memes - Online Shopping Pluses

Online Shopping
No Makeup
No Pants
No Problem.

No money? Problem.

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