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28 Funny Shopping Memes for Any Shopping Fan

Funny Shopping Memes  Things Girls Love To Hear

Things girls love to hear:
1. I love you
2. That’s on sale.

Yep. Also “dessert comes free.”

Funny Shopping Memes  Just Let Me Shop

Just let me shop & no one gets hurt.

Simple request. 

Shopping Meme Funny  Haunts

Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy.

I could’ve bought that. I loved it. 

Shopping Meme Funny  New Clothes

I really need new clothes.
-me, every morning

Also me: It’s time to wear the same 6 shirts.

Shopping Memes Funny  Shop O'Clock

Because it’s shop o’clock somewhere.

And now it is here. I’m making it so.

Shopping Meme Funny  Shopping Sport

shopping is a sport.

And the best kind.

Shopping Memes Funny  Online Shopping

The worst part about online shopping
is having to get up and go get your card out of your purse.

I should have it memorized by now.

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Shopping Memes  Favorite Emails

My favorite emails are the ones
that let you know your order has shipped.

But when the tracking information isn’t updated…ugh.

Shopping Meme  Happiness

Happiness is…
receiving what you ordered online.

Especially if it was on sale.

Shopping Memes  Saturday

Saturday is for shopping.
(online, & in bed. )

And Sunday!

Funny Shopping Memes  Shop Online

Stay home and shop online.
you’re too pretty to have to look for a parking spot.

Just keep it simple.

Shopping Memes  Sold

Me: should i buy it?
brain: no
husband: no
universe: no
me: sold.

Funny shopping memes that speak the truth.

Shopping Memes  Woman'S Favorite Words

Every woman’s three favorite words:
that’s on sale.


Shopping Memes  Online Fit


Funny Shopping Memes  Target Shopping Man Vs Woman

There’s so many things!

Shopping Memes  Target Shopping

The Target challenge.

Shopping Memes Funny  Transactions

When you look through your transactions
trying to find a mistake but there’s no mistake
because it was you.
it was all you.


Shopping Meme  Shipping

Why so much though?

Shopping Memes  Dollar Store

No matter how bad it gets,
i’m always rich at the dollar store.

Dollar, dollar, dollar.

Funny Shopping Memes  Black Friday

Silly girls,
black friday is for amateurs.
real women shop all the time.

You take that time when you can.

Shopping Memes  Shipping

I must’ve tracked you a thousand times..

Shopping Memes Whispers  Stop Shopping

I need to stop.
i whispered to myself as i clicked add to cart.

“I won’t.”

Shopping Memes Quotes  Price Tags

I’ll never forget you.

Shopping Quote Memes  Online Shopping

Online shopping.
because it’s frowned upon to be in a store with no bra,
sweatpants, and a glass of wine.

Plus shopping outside has people.

Funny Shopping Quotes  Prayer

Dear lord,
please don’t let my husband be home
when all my online orders arrive.

The prayer.

Funny Shopping Memes  Online Shopping Arrival

Is it hear yet?

Funny Shopping Memes  Retail Therapy

I wish retail therapy was covered by my health insurance.

It isn’t.

Funny Shopping Memes  Online Shopping Pluses

Online shopping
no makeup
no pants
no problem.

No money? Problem.

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