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28 Self Care Quotes to Inspire You to be Kind to Yourself

Self Care Quotes  Soft Reminder

A soft reminder:
not everything that weighs you down is yours to carry.

Something very important to remind ourselves about.

Self Care Quotes  Deep Healing

A path to deep healing
it’s okay to pour your heart out into other people;
however, self-love teaches you that even the biggest giver
still needs it to come back.
s. Mcnutt

It’s not selfish to care about yourself too.

Self Care Quotes  Taking Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is the most powerful way
to begin to take care of others.
bryant h. Mcgill

A few months of hard focus will put you years ahead!

Self Care Quotes  Country Living

Country living
self-care is how you take your power back.
lalah delia

Reminder: self care is YOU taking control of YOUR life.

Self Care Quotes  Appointment With Yourself

I make it a point to practice self-care.
i make an appointment with myself.
manisha singal

Treat yourself like your special, because YOU ARE.

Self Care Quotes  Saying No

Saying no
can be the best form of self-care.

Saying no doesn’t mean you have malicious intent, it can simply mean you just don’t have the energy AND THAT’S OKAY.

Self Care Quotes  Mental Breakdown

Doing your best
does not mean working yourself to the point
of mental breakdown.

Self care is reminding yourself that you are doing your best.

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Self Care Quotes  Nonattachment

I’m practicing non-attachment.
accepting what comes,
and allowing it to leave
when or if it’s time.
what’s for me, will be for me,
and i have trust in the process.

Remind yourself that you don’t need some people, detach because YOU are enough.

Self Care Quotes  Priorities

List of priorities in 2021:
1. Me.


Self Care Quotes  Genuine Intentions

You’ll always win when you move with love
and genuine intentions. Always.

And when you make your moves in silence. Be careful of the energy you bring onto you life.

Self Care Quotes  Stronger

You are stronger
than your anxious thoughts.

Always breath and ground yourself. Sometimes anxiety escalates something in your mind that you don’t need to stress about.

Self Care Quotes  Happiness

Happiness comes in waves,
it’ll find you again.
-malanda jean claude

Be patient.

Self Care Quotes  Meant To Be

I’m exactly where i’m meant to be
and if i wasn’t, it’s exactly what it’s meant to be.

Remember to remind yourself and have good mantras.

Self Care Quotes  Being Difficult

If someone tells you you’re being difficult,
it may be because they’re finding it difficult to manipulate you.
arch hades

Let them go!

Self Care Quotes  Okay

You will always end up okay.

Think about all the bad days you actually survived! You will always be okay! YOU make it through and that is self care!

Self Care Quotes  Next 4 Months

Your next 4 months are going to be better than your last 8 months.

But you need to put in the work.

Self Care Quotes  Stop Trying To Change Anyone

Stop trying to change anyone.
work on your own growth.
najwa zebian

Reminder: Self care is focusing on you!

Self Care Quotes  Seeking Love

Stop seeking love,
acceptance and belonging from those who hurt you.
najwa zebian

You can find that love and acceptance right inside YOU.

Self Care Quotes  Stop Pretending

Stop pretending to be okay with what you’re not okay with.
najwa zebian

You don’t need to accommodate everyone.

Self Care Quotes  Get Serious

Get serious – about your peace.
get serious – about your future.
get serious – about your love.
get serious – about your faith.
get serious – about your mental.
get serious – about your life.
get serious – about yourself.


Self Care Quotes  No Coincidence

There is no coincidence in our time and place
in this life or another that we were all meant to grow
love and learn from each other

No matter what place you’re in, learn from it.

Self Care Quotes  Sacrifice

If you’re not willing to sacrifice for your goals,
then your goals become the sacrifice.

Don’t let your goals go.

Self Care Quotes  Being Kind

Are you being kind, giving them chance after chance?
or have they just grown comfortable disrespecting you?
arch hades

Read that again…

Self Care Quotes  Complain

The only people who are going to complain about your boundaries,
are the people who have none.

Boundaries are not a bad thing.

Self Care Quotes  Reminder

you are in full control of how you show up every day.
don’t let anyone or any circumstance dictate that.

The biggest principle of Self care is taking control.

Self Care Quotes  State Of Mind

Being a boss isn’t a title,
it’s a state of mind.

You become what you think.

Self Care Quotes  Glow Up

The biggest glow up is loving yourself
the way you want others to.

Remind yourself to give all that love back to yourself.

Self Care  Choose Wisely

You’re either on my side,
by my side,
or in the way.
choose wisely.

Let go of people who are in your way.

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