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23 Empowering Feminist Posts for When the Patriarchy Gives You a Hard Time

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The patriarchy is already giving us a hard time, lets keep empowering each other.

Empowering Feminist Posts For The Patriarchy

If the patriarchy was wondering how to lose a girl, this is it.


Men doing the bare minimum and then they give women a hard time for the smallest stuff…

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Now that’s the look of “THE FUTURE IS FEMALE” .

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ew, just… EW.

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Drunk words are sober thoughts!

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The most empowering thing feminists can do for each other is encourage each other to MOVE ON.

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You know when men want the “makeup- no makeup” look but they don’t know how much makeup that actually takes? Well anyway, we don’t do winged eyeliners for you 🙂 !

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Dear men: the worst thing you could do is call a women crazy, especially when she knows AND you know that she is RIGHT.

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So sorry you thought you could project you’re misogyny on us.

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The most used line: yOu’Re nOt lIke OtHeR gIrLs.

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Makeup or not, you’re still all QUEENS.

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Your body, YOUR choice. 🙂

Empowering Feminist Posts Against The Patriarchy

siiiiiigh: Part 2.


Never let a patriarchal society tell you how you can make that money! Just go get it girl!

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We know it’s tough trying to make space for a man’s ego when you know you’re right.

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A-woman…. let that sink in.

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It’s NO to content that pins women against each other! That’s the ultimate feminist rule.

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The ugly truth.

Empowering Feminist Posts

Not today Satan!

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