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China doesn’t have much faith in their women drivers because they are now making female only pink parking spots.

So in the area of China connecting the Zhejiang province to the Jiangxi province, several parking lots are starting to add special “female only” parking spots. These special parking spots are 50% wider than the average Chinese parking spots and are painted in pink. Why you ask? Well Pan Zhuren, the director of that service area claims women are bad at parking and need a little more room. Apparently they have already been doing this in Germany and Austria for several years. Who knew.

“A number of Chinese parking lots connecting Zhejiang province to Jiangxi province in China’s southeast have sparked outrage after introducing “female only” parking spaces that happen to be much larger than those not assigned to a particular gender.

The spaces, designated by pink paint lines and the international symbol for woman, are 50 per cent wider than other spaces in the service centres. The reason – because women are allegedly bad at parking. Via – Global News

So China Is Making Female Only Parking Spots Why Because Women Can'T Park Pictures

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