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30 Beyond Terrible Haircut Fails

30 Beyond Terrible Haircut Fails

Bad hair day? More like bad hair life

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I asked for a trim, not a tragedy

When the hair stylist says ‘oops’…and you know you’re in trouble

The new haircut? More like the new regret.

30 Beyond Terrible Haircut Fails

I think my hair stylist was drunk during my appointmen

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I asked for layers, not a mullet.

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‘m rocking the ‘I cut my own hair’ look

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When your hair looks like a bird’s nest…but not in a cute way

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I’m not saying my haircut is bad, but I’m pretty sure my dog could have done a better job.

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I look like a Lego character with this new haircut.

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If looks could kill, my haircut would be a lethal weapon

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I’m trying out a new hairstyle…it’s called the ‘accidental bad haircut’

30 Beyond Terrible Haircut Fails

I’m going to need a lot of hats to cover up this haircut.

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My hair stylist must have gotten her license from a cereal box

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My hair is having an identity crisis…it doesn’t know what it wants to be.

30 Beyond Terrible Haircut Fails

‘m not sure what I asked for, but this is definitely not it

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I think my hair stylist was channeling Edward Scissorhands during my haircut.

I asked for a little off the top, and now I look like I have a little on the sides

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My hair is so bad, I’m considering wearing a wig

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I didn’t want a haircut, I wanted a disasterpiece

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I think I need a refund for this haircut…and a bottle of wine

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I’m starting to think my hair stylist has a vendetta against me

30 Beyond Terrible Haircut Fails

I asked for a trim, not a total transformation into a 90s boy band member

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This haircut makes me want to never leave the house again

I’m feeling like a hair model for a horror movie

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I don’t always get bad haircuts, but when I do, they’re epic.

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I wanted a new look, but this is not what I had in mind.

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My hair looks like it was styled with a weed whacker.

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I’m not sure if my hair stylist was listening or just nodding along to everything I said

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My new haircut has me feeling like I need to go into witness protection

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