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Funny Back to School Memes for Teachers

After a long school year, summer just seems way too short for teachers to recuperate their mental capacity and sanity in dealing with kids. As the summer draws to a close, check out these hilarious back to school teacher memes that just nails it.

Back To School Teacher Memes Showing A Criminal Eating Her Last Meal Before Jail


Back To School Teacher Meme Showing A Supermarket Shelf Stocked With Wine Labeled Back To School Merchandising win.
Funny Back To LikeHere we go..
Us Gymnast Winking Captioned Back To School? I Got This!Get it!
Back To School Meme Showing Bart Simpson Running Away From Homer Holding A Mace Label As Back To School AdsThey’re here!
Meme Of Will Ferrel Drinking Wine And Crying Captioned Teachers The Night Before Going Back To SchoolStay strong!
Someecard Meme Captioned Cheers To The First Day Of A New School Year And Beginning Of The Thanksgiving Break Countdown.Cheers!

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Sound Of Music Meme Captioned Summer Is Over, Look At All The Crap I Didn'T Get Done Around My HouseYep.
Meme Labeled First Day Back To School... Crushed It.Crush it!
Pie Chart Showing Lies Told To Teachers On The First Day Of SchoolYep….
Funny Dont WannaIt’s time!
Meme Showing Homer Simpson Wearing A The End Is Near Sign Captioned When Teachers See Back To School CommercialsPoor teachers.
Milk Container With Aug 22 Expiry Captioned Oh Look This Milk Expires On The 22Nd Just Like My Summer And HappinessOuch.
Meme Captioned What'S Faster Than Burt In A Trans Am? The Month Of July For Teachers.Boom, it’s August.
Meme Showing Teacher With Well Groomed Hair Labeled Me On First Day Of School: Then Teacher With Disheveled Hair Labeled Me Every Day After That: Accurate.
Hunger Games Meme Captioned Teachers First Week Back At School May The Odds Be Ever In Your FavourGo.
Meme Of A Cat Looking Shocked Captioned When You Realize You Have To Wear Real Pants Tomorrow.What?!
Meme Showing A Teacher Staring At A Computer Captioned If I Stare At My Screen Long Enough, Maybe My Lesson Plans Will Write Themselves.Will they?
Teachers First Day Of School Meme Captioned Best Parts Of The First Day Of School: 1. Wearing Your New Clothes, 2 Going Home.That’s it.
Back To School Teacher Meme Showing A Girl Crying Labeled Me When I Hear Back To School CommercialsIt’s too soon!
Someecard Meme Captioned What Type Of Wine Goes Well With Back To School?A good one.
Back To School Teacher Meme Showing A Crying Man Captioned Enjoying Your Summer And You See The First Back To School AdHow could you?
Someecards Meme Captioned Showing A Teacher Back To School Ads In July Is Like Waving A Cross At A Vampire. It Burns! It Burns!Stop!
Meme Of Angry Snoop Dog Captioned How Teachers Look Pulling Up In The Parking Lot First Day Of SchoolHating.
Meme Of Dog Lying In Grass With Leash Pulled Taught Captioned Teachers Going Back To School Like...Dragging their feet.
Meme Showing Teacher Looking Very Upset Captioned When You Find Out That Your Worst Behaved Student... Has 3 Younger Siblings.Oh boy.
Funny Teachers JudyWe’ve all seen them.
Funny First Of AllHa.
Funy Excuse MeAcca-curate.
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