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30 Duolingo Memes so Funny They Will Make You Pee


Duolingo Memes Intro

What’s Duolingo you may ask? Well it’s a platform for learning languages featuring its mascot: a sociopathic owl. This mean green flying insult machine, specializes in spewing threats at its users so that they continue on their course.

If it detects a period of inactivity on your part, it will start by sending snarky notifications with veiled threats. However, ignore these threats at your peril, as this flying foul-mouth will up the threat level progressively until it hunts you down while you sleep. Or worse! Ugh!

Over 330 million Duolingo hostages have been taken and this overly obtuse owl has trapped them in the depths of Stockholm Syndrome. They have grown dependent and are unable to live without the threats and insults that gives them a reason to check their phone. And so, their only outlet is to create memes to journal their night terrors and stories of bedroom intrusions.

No man, woman or child is safe if they don’t complete their tasks by the stroke of midnight. But instead of turning into a pumpkin, this pterodactyl-like predator will turn into a psychopathic phonetic nightmare that you’ll love to hate.

Scroll down for the best Duolingo Memes that’s escaped the grips of this Wicked Winged Warlock.

Duolingo Memes (Veiled Threats)

Duolingo Owl Meme

Duo pulls no punches.

Duolingo Uneasy Meme

Oh no.

Duo Lingo Over Shoulder Meme

Just a totally normal sentence and situation.

Duolingo Showing Colors Meme

Thank you benevolent Duo.

Duolingo Not So Happy Meme

No they won’t, but I don’t want to take them either.

Funny Duolingo Memes

He’s heeeere.

Duolingo Memes Threats

Duo is going to be in your face, no matter what you select.

Make Your Own Funny Memes Here!

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Funny Duolingo Owl Memes

Quick, start the lesson!

Duolingo Owl Memes

Duo doesn’t have time for your sorries or laziness.

Duolingo Memes (Death Threats)

Duolingo Memes Of Terror

Better run.

Duolingo Meme Of Insults

Fix it! 

Duolingo Threat Memes

Duo seeks vengeance.

Duolingo Better Call Saul Meme

Say “My sisters are funny” in French again. Do it.

Smiling Assassin Duolingo Meme

There seems to be a message hidden here.

Duolingo Pulls Gun Meme

Now you’re going to learn a new phrase: “I need to go to the hospital.”

Duo Lingo Bird Meme

Duo has had it!

Duo Lingo Memes

Duo smokes the competition.

Duolingo Owl Meme

Don’t feel like doing your lesson? Duo has something for you!

Duolingo Success Meme


Duolingo Safety First Meme

He’s so thrilled!

Duolingo Worried Meme

It’s going away.

Duolingo Memes With Brain


Duolingo Owl Observing Meme

He’s coming.

Duolingo Abduction Meme

Duo’s siege.

Duo Threats Meme

Healthy relationship?

Duo Lingo Family Threat Meme.

Oh no!

Duolingo Do It Right Or Else Meme

What did I do, Duo?

Duolingo Adt Alert Meme

Home Security needs upgrading.

Threats In Exercise Meme Duolingo

I wonder if Duo is trying to tell me something.

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