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30 Great Inspiring Quotes

Quotes For Inspiring You

“some see a weed, some see a wish. ” -unknown author

Which do you see?

Quotes For Inspiration For Anyone

“it’s impossible to make your eyes
twinkle when you aren’t feeling
twinkly yourself. ”
roald dahl

It’s hard, so don’t be down on yourself.

Inspiring Quotes For Women

“she knew the power of her mind
and so programmed it for success. ”

Program that sucker.

Inspiring Quotes On Trust

“the best way to find out if you can
can trust somebody is to trust them. ”
ernest hemingway

They’ll tell you.

Trust Quotes

“the saddest thing about betrayal
is that it never comes from your enemies. ”
-author anonymous


Quotes About Risks

“the greatest risk any of us will
take is to be seen as we are. ”

It’s worth the risk though.

Quote Living Life

“the goal isn’t more money. The goal is
living your life on your own terms. ” –chris brogan

Money couldn’t hurt though, let’s admit it.

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Quotes On Challenge

“never let yourself get too comfortable. Seek challenges. Push yourself. And don’t let others perceptions
define you or your journey. ”
– anonymous

Take those risks!

Quotes On Confidence

“confidence has no competition. ”
-unknown author

It just keeps going.

Quotes On Keeping Up

“i’m not going to stop so you better keep up. ”
-anonymous speaker

Or get left in the dust.

Quotes On Rejection

“i am willing to risk rejection
for the sake of truth. ”

Better to know than wonder.

Quotes On Moving Forward

“the longer you live in the past, the less
future you have to enjoy. ”
robert tew

Keep going.

Success Quotes

“the most successful people
follow passion not paychecks.
-anonymous author

Go after it when you can.

Successful Quotes

“i never dreamed of
success. I worked for it. ”
estee lauder

Don’t just dream, work.

Quotes About Being Successful

“unsuccessful people make decisions based on their current situation. Successful people make
decisions based on where they want to be.

Make the right decisions.

Wise Quotes

“wise people learn when they
can; fools learn when they must. ”
duke of wellington

Take those steps.

Easy Quotes For Success

“i know i’m on the right track
because things stopped being easy. ”
-author unknown

Learn when you can.

Work Quotes

“you have to work on the business first
before it works for you. ”
idowu koyenikan

That’s the sign you need to keep going.

Success And Work Quotes

“the distance between insanity and
genius is measured only by success. ”
ian fleming

See each other.

Soul Mate Quotes

“souls recognize each other
by vibes not by appearances. ”

They know you and your struggle.

Quotes About Successful People

“only ride with the
people you’ve walked with. ”

Let go sometimes.

Quotes About Compassion

“a heart that always
understands also gets tired.

It’s the beginning.

Quotes On Confidence

“with confidence, you have won
before you have started. ”
marcus garvey

It’s the start.

Quotes On Working Hard

When people ask, “what do you do? ” i say, “whatever it takes. ”

They’re there the ones to remember.

Quote Never Forget 3

All day!

Quote Make Yours Worth


Quotes About Working Hard

“i worked while they partied, now
i party while they work. ”

Work first then play.

Quotes On Being Strong

“weak people revenge.
strong people forgive.
intelligent people ignore. ”
albert einstein

Which are you?

Quotes About Being A Good Person

“your behavior says everything about
you, and their behavior says enough
about them. ”
-author anonymous

They made their choice.

Quotes On Going After Goals

“fight for it. ”
-common phrase


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