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Bose SoundSports Free Wireless Headphones

You can walk into any discount store and find a pair of wireless headphones for under $15 pretty easily these days, but if you use your headphones for sports, you’ll soon discover that the cheap headphones don’t hold up to sweat and movement like a high-end pair. I’m finally ready to upgrade to a serious pair of wireless headphones and I’m researching my best options.

The brand I keep coming back to is Bose, a name synonymous with great audio quality. Bose has a relatively new pair of truly wireless headphones, the Bose SoundSports Free Sport Wireless Headphones, that deliver in spades.

Bose Soundsports Worn

One of the most pesky problems with headphones when working out is that you don’t really feel like you’re wireless because they might have a long cord or have extensive stuttering with the Bluetooth. Truly wireless, meaning without the pesky cord, the Bose SoundSports were designed for freedom of movement and perform well wirelessly.

Another annoyance with wireless ear buds is that they tend to slip out due to sweat — each time this happens, I always feel taken out of my movement because I have to get back into the music and flow when I replace the headphones. No ones want to have a gym session like that. Bose SoundSports are sweat and weather resistant, plus they arrive with 3 different pairs of StayHear + Sport tips in sizes small, medium and large to secure a good fit.

Bose Soundsport Free Headphones

When you have wireless headphones, do you feel that you have to constantly charge them before each use? I do. Bose SoundSports offers up to 5 hours of play time with each charge and an additional 10 hours with the included charging case so you won’t be scrambling for a charge before your run or gym visit.

Lost your earbuds? No problem, because Bose Connect App lets you track them down with a “Find My Buds” feature. You’ll be able to see when the earbuds were last paired with the phone, and if you can’t find them, then you can use the app to have an audible signal emit from the earbuds — no more losing them in your gym bag, car or desk drawer then.

Soundsports Case

Bose SoundSports Free wireless headphones start at $199 for just the earphones and the case and you can also purchase a package with the car charger for $205. The color choice for the headphones are Midnight Blue/Yellow, Black and Orange. Find them over on Amazon.

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