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Get a 4-Season Wireless Car Tent and Protect Your Car Against the Elements

It’s over 1000% funded and it’s probably one of the things you’re going to absolutely want for your car, especially once we enter into a new rainy season or…any season. The Lanmado Pro is billed as “the Ultimate Protection For Any Car” and is a 4-season protection device for your car. With the Lanmodo Pro you can shield your car from the elements, whether it be rain, sleet, hail, or snow. How would it be to not have to scrape your car out snow after it sits at your home? Pretty great.

Car Tent

The Lanmodo Pro is a bigger version of the original Lanmodo and measures 15.7’, a size that’s ideal for “sedans, trucks, SUVs, dune buggies and motorcycles,” according to the makers. It’s been designed to stand up to the rigors of extremely cold climates and has a 3-layer PU silver coated canopy to protect against frost and snow — when snow or frost lands on it, you can just wipe it away easily, no scraping.

Better yet, the makers also added a “shaking system” that will shake the snow off your car.  It’s also able to withstand winds of 30 mph and was reportedly tested with bricks — seriously a heavy duty car cover. It’s a big step up from the manual car covers that you have to unfold and then stretch and then take forever to put on or remove. Finally, the Lanmodo Pro keeps the vehicle 97°F/36°C cooler.

Car Tent  Bird'S Eye View

How does it work? First you secure Lanmodo Pro to your car with the suction cup base (strong enough for 70 lbs) then you use the four windproof straps and attach them to your front mirrors and door handles — this gives it all stability. The whole thing also has an anti-theft system reinforced with steel so it can’t be cut and it has a wireless remote that to fold and unfold it. All of this folds up to fit in the trunk of any vehicle.

There are two editions of the Lanmodo Pro  available for order. The first is the Standard Edition and comes with a carrying case, wall charger, remote and car controller. The second is the All-in-One edition and comes with the accessories to use the Lanmodo Pro on land as a protective shelter for the beach, picnics and other outdoor activities. These accessories include pull ropes, tent ropes, side canopies, a stand, a LED lamp and more.

Multi Use Car Tent

Visit the Lanmodo Page on Amazon to find out more and order your own. Right now you can get a Standard edition for $279, more than 40% off the list price of $499 and for an additional $50, you can get your Lanmodo Pro customized. The add-on of $59 gets you the snow shaking system and the All-in-One Lanmodo Pro is $599.


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