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A kitten stuck on a very busy road thought she was going to be hit by a car. Then this man saved her, and she can’t stop cuddling him. Now he and his wife have a best feline friend forever.

12. Something in the Road

5 Week Old Kitten Named Sticky Found Glued To Busy Oregon Road 0 32 Screenshot

Image: youtube

It was a Friday morning and Chuck Hawley was driving to his job in Silverton, Oregon, when he saw something in the middle of the busy road. Upon closer inspection, that something turned out to be a tiny kitten. Cars were swerving by left and right but nobody had stopped.

11. Shaking Like a Leaf

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Image: youtube

“I was driving to work and saw cars in front of me passing over something in the road, and realized it was a kitten sitting upright shaking like a leaf,” Chuck said. The kitten was understandably terrified, but it seemed unable to move.

10. Stopping Traffic

5 Week Old Kitten Named Sticky Found Glued To Busy Oregon Road 0 20 Screenshot

Image: youtube

Chuck could see that the kitten was stuck. With nobody stopping to help her, it was obvious she would get hit by a car. Chuck decided he would rescue the kitten. He put on his hazard lights and stopped his truck. That’s when he realized something terrible had befallen the cat.

9. Glued to the Road

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Image: youtube

Some terrible person had glued the kitten to the road so she couldn’t move. “She was wet, freezing and literally glued to the road,” Chuck recalled. He was able to remove her from the pavement without hurting her. The small kitty was freezing cold and had tender paws from the glue.

8. Wet and Cold


Image: chuck hawley

“We don’t know who put her there or how long she was there, but she was wet and cold and had leaves stuck to her,” Chuck said. Chuck brought her into the car and snapped some adorable pictures. Once he had her home, fed and bathed, she started to perk right up.

7. On the Mend


Image: chuck hawley

Chuck took the kitten to the Silver Creek Animal Clinic for treatment. The vet removed all of the glue and put mineral oil on her paws to help them heal. Finally, she was on the mend. And thankfully, she got a new home.

6. New Home


Image: chuck hawley

The kitten was just five weeks old. Shebonded with Chuck right away. She snuggled in his arms, purring away, happy as can be to be cuddling in the car. On the way back to the house, she promptly fell asleep in Chuck’s lap.

5. Smitten

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Image: chuck hawley

Chuck was smitten for the tabby kitten. She was also finding her voice and her place by his side. “She was too sticky to really move when I got her off the road but once she was cleaned up, my shoulder was where she wanted to be,” Chuck said.

4. New Friends


Image: chuck hawley

The kitten loved living with Chuck and his wife. She even made friends with the dogs. “She is so tiny and tries to nurse our old male Black Labrador,” Chuck noted. Of course, she convinced the dogs to snuggle with her.

3. Sticky


Image: chuck hawley

It never crossed Chuck’s mind to take the kitten to the shelter. “We were just talking about getting a cat the other night. She could have found an easier way to find us but she found us,” he said. “We are definitely keeping her. My wife has named her Sticky.”

2. Luckiest Cat


Image: chuck hawley

She may have started out in a sticky situation, but the day Chuck found Sticky turned out to be the best day of her life. “She went from the worst luck ever to the luckiest kitten in the world,” Chuck said. And now he has a new member of the family.

1. Adorable Cat

5 Week Old Kitten Named Sticky Found Glued To Busy Oregon Road 0 16 Screenshot

Image: youtube

Chuck thinks that what he did is no big deal, and that everyone should have helped her. “I feel like I did the normal human being thing, and everyone should have stopped to help her,” Chuck said. “She’s a super lover and purrer. She slept between my wife and me last night.”

“I’m glad I found her because we scored a cool cat! She will be well loved!”

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