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Having a headset that’s great for gaming and listening to music is key if you enjoy either activity. Poor audio in your headset can take you out of the experience and if you’re gaming, you may miss a command or other sounds from fellow players. So many headsets seem to be made for either gaming or audio. While they still offer great performance, if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds, it’s hard to find a headset that caters to both types of audiophiles but HyperX Gaming has done it with the Cloud Mix.

Hyper X Cloud Mix

The Cloud Mix is a wired gaming headset that easily converts to a portable Bluetooth headset letting you go from gaming on the couch to enjoying your music on the go.  Superior design features HyperX Dual Chamber Drivesr for less audio distortion and clearer sound. When connected, the Hi-Res Audio can deliver frequencies from 10Hz to 40kHZ so you hear anything and everything in your game. Every sound from a footstep to a clatter is amplified in beautiful crystal-clear sound. Hi-Res audio is described as closer to the original studio recording and is higher quality than CD quality. The audio is encoded as 24-bit with 96 kHz. Great sound is delivered thanks to the custom-designed 40mm Dual Chamber Drivers with separate the bass from the mid and highs. Even the loudest explosion won’t muffle the game’s subtle sounds and dialogue.  The result is a smoother audio experience. There are in-line audio controls for your PC and console, and when you’re out with the Bluetooth mode, there are onboard controls including a volume rocker. As for mics, there’s a detachable boom mic as well as a built-in mic for speaking when used as a Bluetooth headset. The boom mic is Discord and TeamSpeak-certified, plus compatible with Skype and Mumble. The wired mode is compatible with 3.5mm ports. Unfortunately, a USB sound card isn’t included. Bluetooth functionality is available for up to 20 hours with Bluetooth-ready devices once charged so you can listen to your music all day.

Hyperx Cloud Mix Gaming Headset

All of these features are worn in comfort with a sturdy aluminum frame accented by soft memory foam oval ear cushions. Leatherette details make it enjoyable to wear hour after hour. Cloud Mix is definitely a pair of headphones that you’ll keep around for a long time. The controls are on the sides of the ear cups and are easy to access when playing or on the go. 

Cloud Mix In Use

The retail price is $199, however, most outlets have Cloud Mix for $169.99. For such a versatile pair of headphones this is a great deal. Cloud Mix ships with a 5-foot male-male cable and a 5-foot female-male extender cable as well as a USB-to-micro-USB cable and a carrying bag. If you’re just getting started with a gaming headset and have a budget, the Cloud Mix is a great pick.


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