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The Dell SE2417HG LCD Gaming Monitor: Next Level Gaming At Your Fingertips

For gamers, nothing beats the excitement and thrill of owning a top notch gaming monitor that can take the fun to the next level. As of now, however, there is very little demand for extremely fast response times if you are using a 60Hz monitor. Every time you see the quote of 1ms on an LCD monitor, you can almost be sure that this is meant for the cherry-picked pixel transition. It is also likely that it performs better with the use of an unsuitable fast pixel overdrive setting complete with loads of overshoot. This is the reason why many experts tend to recommend people to stick with the IPS panels if they are looking for a fast 60Hz model packed with good image quality. But then again, it is not a secret that IPS glow is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. In spite of their ever dwindling fame, major manufacturers are still launching 60Hz TN models. One of these is none other than the Dell SE2417HG LCD Gaming Monitor.Dell Se2417Hg Lcd Gaming Monitor Review And Price 6001


Product Overview

The Dell SE2417HG LCD Gaming Monitor, where G stands for Gaming, is among the first ever models to surface from the 17 or 2016 release lineup of the company. One look at its front panel and you will instantly see that this particular monitor boasts of an unassuming yet modern look which has now become very common on the models from Dell. Its On Screen Display or OSD as well as the power buttons are all made tactile. Its power status indicator is its white vertical slit design which Dell has adopted takes most of their latest displays.

It made use of 23.6 inches Twisted Nematic or TN model panel with 1920 x 1080 full high definition resolution together with a 60Hz refresh rate. 160° vertical and 170° horizontal viewing angles are specified side by side the 1000:1 static contrast ratio.

The common 6-bit + FRC dithering has been used for forming 8-bits per color channel. Its backlight is a traditional WLED which offers an approximate coverage of sRGB color space and a typical maximum luminance of 300 cd/m². A medium or regular matte anti-glare surface has been used for a more efficient glare reduction.

The SE2417HG from Dell is no doubt an entry level gaming monitor specially designed to meet all the essential gaming needs of users as well as the need for the normal everyday computing. With this, you can look forward to enjoying a responsive and smooth gameplay with virtually no input lag at its fast 2ms panel response time. You can also take in every graphic with its excellent full HD resolution. Its aesthetics are also not to be forgotten, what with its stylish design complete with a matte screen, sturdy base, and glossy bezels.

Dell Se2417Hg Lcd Gaming Monitor Review And Price 6002

Lively and Smooth Visuals for Better Games

The Dell SE2417HG LCD Gaming Monitor understands the importance of visuals for every gamer, that is why this product is created in such a way that will never leave your eyes disappointed: In fact, it gives a whole new definition to the word fast. With this gaming monitor, you will experience high-quality visuals with an excellent two millisecond response time. The reduced deviation in the transition time only means that all the moving images in your video games or movies are going to be superbly impressive and smooth. You can also enjoy the quality and clear visuals as well as vibrant colors with full high definition clarity at 1920×1080.

Timeless Design That Never Ages

Of course, you will also want a gaming monitor that will suit your personality and the SE2417HG is exactly just that. With its clear view, you can be sure that you will be indulging in a comfortable viewing, thanks to its high contrast ratio coupled with the 23.6 inches of matte screen which reduces the reflection from your indoor lighting so you can clearly see every action on the screen.

It is also handsome with its sleek and elegant look. Its thin bezels have been made better, complemented by the robust stand and black piano finish which effectively achieves a more modern look that can blend well with any home or home office. If these are not enough, you will also love the fact that its bottom bezel features easy access buttons, which means that you can adjust things with ease, fine tune the contrast, brightness and colors on your screen to achieve the perfect view.

Dell Se2417Hg Lcd Gaming Monitor Review And Price 6003


Connectivity Options

For gamers, connectivity options are very important. Well, the SE2417HG knows what you need to enjoy the highest possible level of gaming experience.  With its connectivity options, you can seamlessly switch between play and work with the improved dual HDMI connectivity ports. Thanks to its built-in ports, you will be able to keep your essentials like your laptop and game console always plugged in as well as ready to go.

The slots and ports include VGA, HDMI, speaker line-out, and power cable connector. The cable included is the VGA.

Dell Se2417Hg Lcd Gaming Monitor Review And Price 6004

Other Key Features

  • A Brand You Can Depend On

As the number one monitor brand across the globe for several years, Dell takes pride in their unyielding commitment to quality and utmost satisfaction of their customers.

  • Responsible and Reliable

Made with the environment in mind, the SE2417HG meets the latest environmental and regulatory standards including Energy Star, TCO certified displays, EPEAT GOLD, WEEE, CEL, China Energy Label, Korea E-Standby, and Erp Standards.

  • Advanced Exchange Service

Dells SE2417HG comes with a three-year advanced exchange service so that if replacement becomes necessary, it’ll be shipped to you the next business day during your three-year limited hardware warranty.


  • Dell Adaptor

Dell Adapter is a slim and compact device, which replaces the need for 3 separate dongles for easy connectivity with the laptops.

Streaming music is always fun. Stream music from your tablet or mobile phone and experience impressive detail through its stylish wireless speakers.

  • Dell Wired Keyboard with an Optical Mouse

The SE2417HG is much better if you will pair with the Dell wired keyboard with an optical mouse. The wired keyboard comes with some chiclet-style keys, which enable for comfortable, efficient typing while Dell Optical Mouse will keep you on the task with precise 1000 DPI optical tracking.

 What’s Good about The Dell SE2417HG LCD Gaming Monitor?

There are several things that you will surely like with Dell Gaming Monitor SE2417HG and these include the following:

  • Compatibility

Aside from being a high-quality PC monitor, it’s double HDMI inputs mean you can quickly switch back and forth easily to the game console. While its lack of built-in speakers means that this cannot deliver audio, the Bluetooth headset may remedy the situation easily.

  • Potential

In spite of its low price tag, it’s a powerful gaming monitor. Its response time is 2ms and it is something that’s nothing to sneeze and the display is bright and vivid. Never sleep on this Dell Gaming Monitor SE2417HG just because the price will make you nervous.

  • Design

The benefit of having a smaller screen compared to other 4K gaming monitors is that the monitor as a whole is lighter and sleeker. Featuring the razor-thin bezels, it’s a beautiful unit and may be set up for continuous display for ultra widescreen gaming.

What’s Not So Good about The Dell SE2417HG LCD Gaming Monitor?

  • Display

The Dell SE2417HG is made up of TN display as opposed to popular IPS display. This just means that this draws less power as well as delivers higher refresh rate, yet its overall display takes a hit definitely.

  • Refresh Rate

Dell’s Gaming Monitor G is basically locked at 60Hz refresh rate. Sixty frames per second is the standard for PC gaming as of now. As a matter of fact, console games may only manage half of this. Therefore, it’ll work in a pinch for older and current games. Nevertheless, you will be limiting yourself from unlocking the real potential of your graphics card.


Should You Get The Dell SE2417HG LCD Gaming Monitor?

The answer may depend on your needs or personal gaming preferences. But, if you think it will benefit your gaming life, then don’t hesitate to get one.niently. You can instantly switch your gameplay between a gaming console or a PC with the dual HDMI ports, audio line-out, and a VGA. You will also enjoy  responsive and smooth gameplay with minimum input lag at swift 2ms panel response time. You will also enjoy superb clarity with 1920×1080 resolution. So, if you are still looking for a gaming monitor that can make a difference, this gaming monitor is definitely a must have. With its features and amazing performance, you will be glad to have it in your gaming room.




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