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Breathe Cleaner and Healthier Air with Bloom Portable Personal Monitor

Air humidifiers and purifiers have been in the market for a long time now. Ever since the industrial revolution, the air started getting polluted. So much so that in the next couple years, or maybe a decade from today, we will all need purifiers 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just the downside of being a technologically prosperous race with no regards to environmental safety or whatever. We take so much from the planet, but a very few of us give back.

Bloom Portable Air Quality Monitor Lying Side By Side With A Smartphone

Anyhow, speaking of air purifiers, the Bloom Portable Air Quality Monitor has been making some waves recently. It’s a top of the line product; still in beta mode, but they’re doing a little too well at the moment. In fact, they have set up a dedicated Kickstarter page, where the funding campaign has garnered a positive response so far.

Bloom Portable Air Quality Monitor in a Shell

Keeping in mind that Bloom Portable Monitor keeps tallies on air quality, I’d say that this is a damn good product. On the outside, it is like a small golf ball, except that the size is a little bigger. The company engineered it in a multi-layer design to help determine the quality of air you are breathing.

They topped it off with smartphone compatibility through a custom made app. Whenever we use the Bloom Portable Air Quality monitor, it detects and save air quality data about most frequently visited places. Let’s say, you go out for jogging, walk or exercise at a specific spot within your local vicinity; the device will monitor the air quality and let you know how healthy that particular environment is for you.

You Can Also Take The Bloom Portable Air Quality Monitor In A Car With You

Upon ordering the product, you will see a set of LED lights at the top side. They indicate the air quality levels; blue is good and red is obviously bad. You don’t want RED, trust me. In addition, Bloom Portable Air Quality Monitor LED indicator also segments the quality levels in terms of humidity, altitude, clarity etc. I noticed that after a long rainfall, the air quality indicator blinks blue or remains solid blue.

Bloom Portable Air Quality Monitor is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible. You can sync the data to your computer through a portable Wi-Fi connection once you are back home, or at your office. With Bloom, you get the peace of mind that you are breathing healthy air, void of, or low on toxins. This feature is especially helpful to people who are oblivious of environmental pollution disasters to health.

Close Up Shot Of The Bloom Portable Air Quality Monitor

Scientists have confirmed that air pollution can cause cancer over the course of one to two generations. You will not immediately develop cancerous cells in your body. It will take time – maybe a couple of years, breathing in and out the same polluted air will eventually take the toll. I think, in these times, we all need more of Bloom Portable Air Quality Monitor and similar products.

The Only Downside With Bloom Portable Air Quality Monitor?

While Bloom Portable Air Quality Monitor is a great product, as it quickly learns and forecasts air quality patterns, there are still few things that can be improved. Since most of the features are overall good, the next and most desired step would be the device’s ability to purify air. There are air purifiers in the market already, but they are not exactly the portable mobile solution.

Bloom Portable Air Quality Monitor On A Wood Plank

The eye opener for us is not only a portable air quality monitor, but a purifier as well. On the same note, Bloom Portable Air Quality Monitor is lined up with great perks unlike other products we have seen so far. There are pollution maps, historical air quality trends, pollution parameters, allergy updates and many other things for a full-fledged customized experience. Try this product by backing up the Bloom team at their dedicated Kickstarter campaign page. You won’t regret it.

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