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With Zooheads Shower Heads, Your Kids Will Love Showering Again

Are you looking to make your showering a little more “wild”? Okay, not like that but if you’re looking for a way to dress up your plain shower head in a rental space, dorm room or apartment, well, it’s time to answer the call of the wild with Zooheads.

T Rex Showerhead

Voodoo Manufacturing, a popular vendor of 3D printing have found a new way to make showering fun…or at least give you something for your guests to talk about! Zooheads lets you have custom colorful shower heads in the shape of favorite creatures. So if you’re ready to embrace your inner Daenerys and shower with a dragon shower head, you’re in luck! Zooheads will offer you that with an eco-conscious feature as well.

Zooheads are designed and 3D printed by Brooklyn-based Voodoo Manufacturing. Each Zoohead is made on-demand when you order for less waste of material and energy. The Zoohead is crafted of PLA, a non-toxic biodegradable food-safe plastic made from renewable crops such as corn and potato. If you’re wondering if a plastic shower head can survive up to your scorching shower, Zooheads says it will hold up to the hottest showers!

Lion Showerhead

So far Zooheads come in a variety of creatures, and more are possible, as the company takes custom design requests. You can have your choice of T-Rex, Dolphin, Dragon, Dragon Skull, Eagle, Alligator, Monkey, Lion, Elephant, T-Rex Skull or Shark.

Each design is available in one of 20 colors. Installation of a Zoohead is easy: it fits onto a standard US ½ pipe or shower fixture. You remove the current shower head and twist on the ZooHead, plus the company sells a swivel ball adapter to help you adjust the water flow direction.

Alligator Showerhead

I can already see one application of this if you’re a parent. Got a kid afraid of taking a shower alone? Let them choose their favorite animal and have a shower buddy. Soon they’ll associate it with a fun activity, especially as it’s still pretty badass to watch the T-Rex spray water. And let’s face it, adults will love it too.  

There’s another eco-friendly aspect to Zoohead: 10% of each purchase is donated to WWF, the World Wildlife Fund, so they may continue their efforts in conservation. Having a fun shower, saving the planet and its creatures, and minimizing waste with a biodegradable 3D plastic? What could be better?

Each Zoohead shower head currently retail for $24.99 each and feature standard shipping with all orders. Bulk and custom orders are also available by contacting the manufacturer. Find the whole range of wild showerheads on Amazon now!

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