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Looking to build an amazing PC gaming room? Well, this guide will get you on the right path to that ultimate PC game room you’ve always wanted.

The idea of an ultimate PC gaming room build has always been a gamer’s fantasy. Hell, I’d have traded in my soul if it were up to me. The pizzazz of a drool-worthy desktop, the ambient lighting, the liquid cooled interiors of a computer, the limited-edition items and what not – just thinking about it makes me cringe in delight.

Of course, very few gamers ever get build their ultimate PC gaming room in real life because one needs to have deep pockets. The items don’t come cheap – same goes for all the futuristic furniture, custom painted peripheries and the artistic blend of your room’s theme that is just the right amount of “gamer”, but also brushes along the lines of a full time working class professional. Hey, a man’s gotta earn to make a living, right? The gadgets are not gonna be paying off on their own anytime soon.

Ultimate Pc Gaming Room Build Featured

I am not writing this article to give your wallet a jolly good romp for the money. This write-up is a mere guide. You don’t have to whack your hand in the air and think, “Oh, these items are so expensive… no wonder I won’t be able to build my ideal game room anytime in future.” In fact, I beg you. For the love of games… and God, and all that is holy, you don’t have to spend all at once.

Start with the chair, or maybe the wall paint, or with anything that’s mentioned further down in this article. Take baby steps. Eventually, as you progress, your castle will be finished. Your friends will appreciate your effort with the obvious open jaws and wide eyes brimming with tears of sheer jealousy. The Oohhh and Aaahh sound coming from their gaping mouths will be a testament to all the extra work put in this yearlong project.

Why Build An Ultimate PC Game Room?

Why not? It is one part of the house which you can call as your turf, your den, your living-breathing marvel of an artwork where all things are game related. As a gamer, you are born and bred in this environment. Above all, this is one place where you can unwind and relax. You can make memories in there, and of course, show off to anyone who steps in through the door. This is not just a couple of consoles snuck underneath a desk and two monitors set up on top – this is a serious ordeal. It will require commitment and passion from you.

In other words, when the game room is all set up and finished, you are gonna be Michael ‘Effin’ Jordan in there. The moment you’ll saddle up on your gaming chair, or whatever’s the coefficient of one, you will rack up a body count like none before. The room breathes a new soul into your body, the glow in the dark keyboard intimidates you, everything that’s around you becomes one in unison. It urges you to beat your last record in that favorite racing simulator or to dish out your enemies singlehandedly. The world of games will be at your disposal in a never-before-seen way.

So, Where Do I Start? 

I’ll start with the very basics of setting up a game room. Afterward, I’ll move on to your main hardware, i.e. the game related items such as consoles, computer setup, etc. In my opinion, you can’t just install a few lights at certain angles and turn off the main switch to get things in motion; you will need a lot more than that. Let’s start with your room, shall we?

Wall Paint 101: 

Now for this ultimate PC gaming room build, you’re going to need to repaint your walls again. This is going to be the stepping stone in your quest to build the ultimate game room. My personal suggestion would be shades of dark blue wall paint and purple colored ceiling primer with matte finishing. There are many brands to choose from at Amazon. While you’re at it, go for the semi gloss 2-in-1 primer and paint buckets.

Depending on your room dynamics and size, you will need more than one bucket. Unless you have hands on experience with painting walls, you will need a professional’s service. Don’t waste your time trying to paint the walls on your own because a lot of work goes into this thing. In case you may be wondering why I have picked a dark theme, it is because of the ambient lighting that will follow when the paint job is done.

Take a look at some of the popular wall paints below. I added the links for your ready reference. 

All three brands that I mentioned above are equally efficient in performance. The paint won’t chip off, and it will retain its shine for years to come. Make sure that whatever theme you are choosing, you will need the rest of your gaming gear to have identical color or something that will help bring out the wow effect.

Once the paint thing is done, it is time to apply some artwork and decorations on the walls of your ultimate PC gaming room. The Ultra Blue Glow in the Dark Paint is probably the missing link in this equation. This paint glows in the dark – I mean literally, even if it is just a dab, it’ll do its thing. However, it is very expensive. 4 Gallons of Ultra series glow in the dark paint will come in at a whopping $1,500 – so on and so forth. So, you might want to think about where you need to paint your favorite characters, etc. Get a creative paint stencil to make things easier.

PS: You can also buy Aurora Glow in the Dark Paint (Bright Green), but they don’t sell in bulk.

Let There Be Light!

Now that the paint is all dry and set, it is time to buy a few ultraviolet LED tube lights for your gaming lounge. Keeping in mind the purple – blue theme, I am going to suggest the LED UV Back Light Fixtures for this setup. The purpose of UV light is to make you feel calm and comfortable, while at the same time it will make your walls and decorations shine.

I can guarantee that you will love the glow paint effects on your wall, i.e. if you hired someone to artistically paint some special video game characters or just a few doodles. Even if you did not hire a professional painter, you could still use some preset stencils from Amazon or any other online retailer website to paint your stuff, without causing the paint to drip out of line. Here are the lights that you need to choose from:

The first one with the arm light fixtures is also used for bachelor parties and pole dancing. Therefore, you got yourself a pretty solid deal, i.e. if you are considering hiring a few girls for a dance party. Your friends are gonna love it. On a serious note, you will, however, need regular bulbs or a small chandelier with up to a single 36W bulb for natural lightning. It is not every day that you’d want to turn on the UV lights only; their excessive use can rapidly damage eyesight.

I also find it imperative to mention that you will need a few gaming posters to decorate your wall. Right where your main gaming setup is going to be, you should have a full wall to wall gaming poster. If you can’t find one online, you can place a custom order at your local printers to print a high definition gaming wallpaper on a panaflex sheet. I already have a Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones wallpaper custom printed and hanging on my wall. It is friggin’ awesome.

These posters will automatically glow under the effect of UV light. I noticed this setup at a gaming café many years ago, and that’s where I got the idea from.

LED Monitors, Single TV Or A Projector for your ultimate PC gaming room?

A tri-monitor setup in Eyefinity would be ideal. Tiny Tom Logan of Overclock3D has four monitors setup in succession. With three in the bottom row and one on the top, his monitors offer massive real estate for benchmarking, bragging rights and playing video games of course. I don’t want you to overspend on a fourth screen, but you will need at least 2 or 3 screens for your ultimate PC gaming room build.

Ultimate Pc Gaming Room Build 402

Now, for some of you who like a TV display better than conventional monitors, you can go for a 55 Inch OLED screen. In fact, I recently wrote a bit about the LG OLED55B6P 4K Ultra HD TV. It is just between the $2,000 – $2,500 range and comes with a huge list of latest features. If you are thinking about setting up a TV display in your game lounge, you will eventually need a small monitor too. A 27 Inch – 35 Inch screen size will suffice for switching between primary display when working on some assignments and playing games etc.

Some popular bestseller links from Amazon are appended below for your immediate reference: 

Whenever I have a TV connected to my PC, I also have a monitor running on the side. I have to sit within close proximity of the display devices because of my work nature. Therefore, I cannot risk staring at a Word Doc open on a TV screen; it’d make my eyes squint in pain. During such demanding situations, I redirect the display to the monitor screen. As soon as I am done with work, I turn on the console or simply switch the display to the TV when a game or movie is in motion.

Finally, let’s talk about projectors as primary display devices in your ultimate PC gaming room build. A projector based display setup is meant for gaming only. You cannot work on office docs or anything else for that matter because the projector will be short-throwing everything on the wall at the end of your room. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to have a proper projector screen for the images to take full effect.

Secondly, if you are planning on just getting by with a neutral wall paint in your Ultimate PC Gaming Room build, then do not use any gloss paint designs or posters on that wall. Seeing that it will only be used for projector display, you don’t want the images to show up any wall patterns or designs whilst gaming or watching movies. I won’t go into details on how to setup a projector because that will deviate me from the main contents of this write-up, but you can find plenty of useful info on the internet. Be sure to check out the following Projectors and Projector Screens at Amazon. I have bought the Elite Series projector screens twice (my Amazon purchase history can attest to it), and I was thoroughly satisfied with the results.

Speaking of projectors, there is one more thing. Ever heard of Razer Project Ariana projector display? In case you didn’t get a whiff of it, check it out at the official Razer Ariana website. I also covered Razer’s latest creation in detail on this page. I think you should be interested in buying a projector which is purely made for immersive gaming pleasures.

Couch, Futon Or A Chair for your Ultimate PC Gaming Room?

Couches are lame as long as you are not seriously considering investing in them. A typical couch will sink in after a few months, which is why you need to buy the CordaRoys Convertible Bean Bag Chair. It’s part beanie couch and part chair – i.e. in whichever position you are going to set this thing up in. If it’s a chair, then so be it. CordaRoys’ innovative bean bag chair comes in multiple colors with a strong emphasis on comfort and reliability factor as well.

Another great alternative to bean couch is to have an elegant computer gaming chair. It is not just any chair; I am talking about the DX Racer series chairs. The sleek design is inspired by original Ferrari and Nascar vehicle seats layout. With the inclusion of few wheels, 3D adjustable arms and a certain number of gizmos, these chairs come in at approx. Range of $399 – $499 a piece. For that much money put into buying a DX Chair, you can count on working, gaming and enjoying stuff in a whole new way.

 Oh, I almost Forgot About The Desk!

Where are my manners? Obviously, for any Ultimate PC Gaming Room, you will need a desk – a pretty good one if you ask me. Seeing that you will be setting up your computer chassis, monitors and couple of essential hardware components at one place, you will need a sturdy desk with lots of space. And then again, there’s the style factor to be considered too.

Ultimate Pc Gaming Room Build 401

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk comes in multiple colors. My personal favorite is the Green and Red variation. However, you can check everything out at their Amazon sales page. The desk offers enough space for setting up Eyefinity display, a chassis, a subwoofer and your usual internet router – modem combo. These desks also have cable management holes and strategically appointed sections for table lamps. I am personally using the Cooler Master Cosmos II chassis, so I never place it on top of a desk. It is massive and the size, alone, is out of proportion.

If you are rooting for an even better substitute, the next best alternative would be to buy plexiglass panels, or wooden panels and install them directly on the wall. A custom layout is something that elite gamers prefer because they know that they can setup everything the way it should be. Desks are cool, but they have their limitations, and they are made for a wider audience.

In this sense, your typical computer desks eliminate the chances of fitting or accommodating each and every gaming hardware that you have stacked up over the last few years. Right now, Amazon and various other online retailers are offering a lot of panels and Zen Desk components which can be purchased to create your gaming room desk. The choice is yours.

This concludes Part One of The Ultimate PC Gaming Room Build. There are a lot of things that I haven’t talked about, or nearly even mentioned in the slightest possible manner. Stay tuned for the upcoming post where I will take you through various next-gen decorations, holographic displays, accessories, and modern art pieces that’ll breathe a whole new soul into your gaming rituals.

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