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30 Inspirational Quotes from Movies

William Wallace

Rocky Balboa


The  great  Dumbledore.




A  common theme  for Rocky.


Be flexible.


Bruce Lee


The most famous  Star Wars  quote  ever.


Ok so laughter is the best medicine.


Inspirational  Merlin.

And  use  it wisely


The great Merida


Advice  on  what to avoid from Fight  Club.


Uncool  FTW.



Thor seizing the day.


Kung Foo Panda

So  says Aurora



Quotable  Alladdin

Make it count.


Good  insight




Truth from…Jack  Sparrow?

Amazing  Dumbledore


So  learn to empathize  with  others.

Great  advice!


All of these are the best.

Again, good advice.

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