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20 New Bullet Journal Ideas and Tips for Anyone Craving Organization Bujo Debt PriorityPerfect for the snowball method.Diy Brain Dump ListUse this template to categorize your stuff!Diy Bujo KeyMake a little flag note with your key.
src=”” alt=”” width=”564″ height=”564″ />Track your books with color.Diy Favorites PageTrack your favorites for the month.
Diy Kids SayKeep the funny things your kids say.Diy Less MoreMake a less and more list.

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Diy Library ListCreate a list for your library check-outs!Diy Self Care BingoPlay self care bingo.
Diy Spring Bucket ListMake a list of spring bucketlist items.Diy Springsummer ListOr create a spring and summer bucket list.Diy States Been ToMap out your state journeysDiy Want NeedCreate a wishlist for everything you want vs.need.Diy Track StrengthTrack your strength training.Diy Doctor AppDon’t forget doctor appointments ,track em!Diy Want To LearnCreate a project list.Diy Music PlaylistMake a music playlist for the monthDiy Job AppPutting in job apps? Use a tracker to make sure you know all of the steps you’ve completedDiy Walk LogTrack your dogwalking.Diy Blood PressureKeep an eye on that blood pressure if it’s a concern.

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