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30 Ridiculous and Snarky Funny Minion Quotes
Minion One Best FriendsIt is.
Minion Some PartsWarning.
Minion Child ButterflyLove them all!
Minion Bail MoneyCome on.

Minion Good At Math3 kinds.

Minion Stuff DoesntI’m trying to listen.
Minioon Pretend MondayTry it.

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Minion Worth ItYou are.
Minion Sweet IdiotsYes!
Minion Sorry MisakeHa. Sometimes.
Minion Return MondayLet’s return them.
Minion Refund TimeI wish.
Minion No One FutureReally…good point.
Minion Never ListenedYep…
Minion MoodsThey just change!
Minion Full Time JobOops.
Minion FertilizedYes. Don’t believe all you see.
Minion Fat FreeOh yes, so eat to that part!
Minion Dont Cook EverNever.
Minion Chocolate ShrinkNo…
Minion Cant HearThere’s some people who do it even though they aren’t old.
Minion 5 SecondsWhat was it?
Minion Learn LessonLet’s see.
Minion Drunk GrassThat’s drunk.
Minion Resting HurtAw.
Minion Single LifeBye!
Minion If FriendPure family.
Minion There IsupSound advice it seems.
Minion Lie TruthYeah..that’s not true!

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