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31 Funny First Day of School Memes for Parents to Celebrate

Looking forward to the first day of school? Or are you dreading the start of school? Whether you’re the former or the latter, we’ve got memes that you can relate to! Check out our list of 31 funny first day of school memes.

Meme Highlighting Difference Between Kindergarten Parents And 6Th Grade Parents On First Day Of School

There’s definitely a difference.

First Day Of School Meme Showing A Woman On Her Knees With Joy.

My kids are back at school.
i’ll need a couple of days to process my devastation.

Sounds it.

First Day Of School Meme Showing A Happy Mom Holding A Sign Saying Good Bye To Her Little Girl


First Day Of School Meme Showing A Mom Drinking Wine From A Bottle Holding Up A Good Bye Sign

Would be me too.

Meme Comparing Dropping Kids Off At School On First Day And Tom Cruise Outrunning Destruction Behind Him

Most parents react like this.

Meme Showing Difference Between Beginning Of Summer And End Of Summer

Sounds right.

Meme Featuring Dr. Evil Laughing With His Cronies Captioned That Feeling When Your Kids Go Back To School


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First Day Of School Meme Showing A Mom Jumping For Joy And Her Kids All Frowning

Those poor kids.

First Day Of School Meme Feature A Child Lying Face Down On Carpet

She doesn’t want to go.

Meme Showing Difference Between First Day Of School For Kindergarten Parents And High School Student Parents.

Freedom has come!

Meme Of Dr. Evil Captioned Parents Call The First Day Of School Freedom


Meme Showing A Happy Leonardo Dicaprio Captioned How Parents React After Dropping Their Kids Off For The First Day Of School

La la la.

That'D Be Great Meme Captioned Yeah, If You Could Go Back To School

That would be great.

Best First Day Of School Meme Featuring Parents With Dancing Emoji And Kids With Crying Emoji

Very accurate.

Meme Showing A Kid Hanging Onto Parent'S Leg Refusing To Go To School On The First Day


Meme Showing Dad With A Sly Grin Rubbing His Hands Captioned How Parents Look At Their Kids The Night Before The First Day Of School

Poor kiddos!

Meme Of Walgreens Letter Board Showing We Have All Your Back To School Supplies Above 12Pk Miller $7.99

Walgreens got you.

Meme Showing Moms Praising The Lord Captioned Back To School Time!


Meme Featuring A Mom Drinking Malibu On First Day Of School

The list!!

Meme Featuring A Mom Laughing Hysterically Captioned That Moment When The Kids Finally Go Back To School

She’s ready.

Meme Featuring A Mom Dragging Her Kid Out Of The Car On The First Day Of School

He’s not ready.

Meme Showing A Silhouette Of A Dad Jumping On A Beach Captioned How Parents Will Feel When Their Kids Go Back To School

Jump for joy!

Meme Of Sound Of Music Scene Of Woman In Mountain Captioned Every Parent On The First Day Of School And Every Teacher On The Last

It’s their turn now.

Meme Showing Parents Running Away From School After They Dropped Their Kids Off On The First Day


Funny Parents First Day

Get on that bus.

Meme Of Jean Luc Picard Smiling Captioned First Day Of School Parents' Reaction

They’re finally going!

Meme Of A Kid On Mug Shot Captioned A More Accurate Version Of How Kids Feel About The First Day Of School


Happy Mom In Front Of Her 3 Sad Kids In A First Day Of School Meme

And then there’s mom.

Meme Showing A Dad Trying To Stuff His Kids Into The Car While His Kids Try To Resist

Get in!

Someecard Meme Of First Day Of School

Sending the kids back-to-school makes me want to cry…
tears of joy.

Happy tears.

First Day Of School Meme Feature A Smiling Happy Kid And Another Lying On The Carpet Catatonic Captioned There Are Two Types Of Kids On The First Day Of School

Which are your kids?

First Day Of School Meme Showing Teacher Looking Angry Captioned You Came To Class Without A Pencil?



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