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32 Funny Bob’s Burgers Quotes That Show it’s One of the Funniest Shows on TV


Funny Bob Buckle It Up

Wise words from a dad.

Funny Kiss Thanksgiving


Funny Wear Hearing Aids

Sass level 10!

Funny Bob Regret

A fair question.

Funny Yoyo Come


Funny Bob My Cat

So a catfight?

Funny Bob Lied To

Ouch. Self burn.

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Funny Bob Die Like Born

So strange.

Funny Andy Packed

I hope they didn’t snack on them!

Funny Funcussion

Watch out.

Funny Bob Dirty Lies


Funny Bob Birthday Cakes

But you have cake.

Funny Bob Added 10 Lbs


Funny Bob Tammy

She said.

Funny Bob Sell Soul

She’s doing great.

Funny Bob Raise

Because they’res so similar.

Funny Bob Mermaid 1

She has the big questions.

Funny Longest Hour Bob

Sassy but true.

Funny Linda Headstone

So perfect.

Funny Thought Someone Mom

Gene with the burn.

Funny Pressure Enjoy Yourself

Way too much.

Funny Gene Tv

No, he’s sure it’s the other way.

Funny Bob Saved Us

That was close.

Funny Bob Price On


Funny Bob Mow

She’s ready.

Funny Bob Look At Face

Ahh… where are the other 99?

Funny Bob Life Difficult

He’s thought it through!

Funny Bob Get Drunk

A lot of fun.

Funny Bob Drunk Four Bottles

Just four!

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