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32 Funny Quotes about Christmas for the Grinch or Buddy Elf in All of Us
Funny Winter Activity Best activity ever.
Funny Christmas Noun And it’s expected.
Funny Hearts GratefulStretch those pants!
Funny How Do IA lot? A little?
Funny Jingle All The WayJingle ALL the way.
Funny Santa NaughtyIt should.
Funny Santa Wash CookieYou’re a doll!

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Funny Spiked Egg NogMmm egg nog.
Funny Winter SpitefulCan’t feel my face either.
Funny Hibernation Preparation is key.
Funny Build A SnowmanNever ask again!
Funny Get The BreadSnooowwww.
Funny Sincerely KmePlease come back.
Funny DefineWhat’s that mean?
Funny Buy My Own StuffCut to the chase.
Funny HammeredShe looks it!
Funny Just For ChristmasIt’s a forever thing!
Funny Bag At NightAll I want is you…. he listened!
Funny Cost Christmas


Funny Workout RepeatReady? Again!
Funny UnderwearBelieve.
Funny Slim BodyDon’t mix them!
Funny Dear SantaThey’re all there.
Funny Worse OlderSome socks? A cat? Tea? IDK
Funny Visit Only Once A YearJust once.
Funny SoulsJust three things!
Funny Damn HolidayGotta try harder.
Funny Dear CreditI’ll take care of it.
Funny White RedGotta make do.
Funny Goodish All YearThat’s fair.
Funny IronicallyHmm.
Funny He Died LaughingHe said “ho ho no”…

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