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Quote CaptainSo many crunches.
Quote Dont KillBrief.
Quote Go InWhyyy.
Quote Health InsuranceHa.
Quote Step On LegoHard.
Quote Ups TruckCome back!
Quote Work CommaHm.

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Quote Not Looking PriceYeah!
Quote Getting Lifestyle
Quote SendsGot a lot to do!
QuoteYou might!
Quote 90Can I yet?
Quote Boys Less DramaSo much drama.
Quote Cant Come HomeYep.
Quote UnfortunateDang.
Quote 104 Tired100% isn’t cutting it.
Quote Busy SleepSo hard.
Quote Someday AwesomeSomeday!
Quote Thats So FarSo far!
Quote UnmeetGotta go.
Quote Hardly KnowLet’s hear it for moms.
Quote Mini MeThen you realize how doomed you are.
Quote Fun GamesCome back!
Quote 2 DaysWhat is this?
Quote Sweet SpotParents achieve it quickly.
Quote Donot FearTake it one day at a time.
Quote Funny 15True.
Quote IbDo you? You will.
Quote How LifeWouldn’t!
Quote Googling New PainsThis is new!
Quote Coffee CupOr else, ouch.
Quote Ask MergeBut it’s going to happen. And at least I used my blinker.

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