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TFB Short Clips

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There was an easier way to state this.


Fun workplace.


They tried.


Realistic expectations.


Peeping toms.


Is this a meta joke about hitchhikers being ax murderers or is he an ax murderer?


I know where you can start!


From a funny group of pharmacists.






Have to admire the effort.


Good boy ordered pets!


Nobody noticed?


Um, what?


Every generation has The One.


A for effort!


The cars are getting serious now.


He aint’ scared.


Oh my.


What a mensch.


Real American hero.


The tags come with jokes.


Serves the driver right.


 Not that simple anymore!


Chef: Hannibal Lecter.


The spouse is clearly evil.


Do they also sell front hos?


“You see officer…”


Chocolate lentils: the new coal.


Cool bananas.


Florida Man.




Genius in the making.


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