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It was a typical Monday morning in Mrs. Nabors class when she suddenly remembered that she had to check her children’s backpacks. It was a new school rule and she began to search through the bags. She went through several bags finding the usual school items such as pencils and crayons. However, she was completely shocked when she found out what one student was hiding inside her backpack…

20. Bag Checks

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Bag checks have become a typical process at many public schools in the United States. There have been many reasons for implementing the process of searching through bags. Some reasons are silly and others are more for the safety of the students and teachers.

19. Searching

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Many schools search through children’s backpacks these days for the typical distraction items such as cell phones or fidget spinners. However, backpack searches are also done to check for any malicious items that could do harm to others. Regardless, the practice has received quite some criticism.

18. Criticism

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Many parents have criticized schools of invading student’s privacy by searching through their bags. Parents have also argued that elementary school aged students shouldn’t be getting their bags checked. However, even they aren’t left out of the search.

17. Elementary Schools

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Many elementary schools are now implementing bag searches just like they do with the older students. Parents worry that this will cause the students to lose their innocence at a young age. However, others argue that the safety of the children is of the utmost importance.

16. Necessary Measures

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Although it may be an annoyance to parents and kids, many lawmakers find bag searching to be necessary in terms of safety. Many students bring items to school that they don’t even realize are harmful sometimes. Sometimes it could just be sharp objects or something that a student could be allergic to…

15. Georgia Schools

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Just like many schools throughout the United States, safety is a top priority for Georgia elementary schools. Jefferson Elementary School in Jefferson County, Georgia has taken the bag checking quite seriously. They have managed to implement it in a way that is easy for the teachers and the students.

14. Morning Announcements

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Jefferson Elementary has implemented a system of checking bags after the morning announcements. After the announcements, the teachers go through the students bags and check them out. On this particular morning, Mrs. Nabors had no idea the surprise that she was going to come across.

13. Second Grade

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Mrs. Bobbie Nabors teaches Second Grade at Jefferson Elementary. Even though the kids are quite young, Mrs. Nabors trusts them not to bring anything dangerous or prohibited to school. Throughout the school year, the students have obeyed by the rules…then everything changed on this particular morning.

12. Exciting Announcement

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On this particular morning all of the children were especially excited. The morning announcements just revealed that a book fair would be coming to the school soon. All of the kids were super excited that morning because of that.

11. Distracted

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Since all of the kids were so excited about the book fair they were also more distracted than usual. This caused the morning routine to be delayed by a bit. This also caused Mrs. Nabors to forget to check the bags at first that morning!

10. Moving Around

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Mrs. Nabors began to go through all of the students bags when she suddenly noticed something odd. As she bent down to reach for one of the bags, she began to notice that another backpack was moving. She was immediately concerned…

9. Checking It Out

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Mrs. Nabors was immediately nervous about what she would find inside of the moving backpack. She immediately noticed that one of the students, the young girl whose backpack it was, had a nervous look in her eyes. As soon as Mrs. Nabors unzipped the bag she was greeted by a pair of eyes!

8. Unusual Discovery

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Mrs. Nabors was greeted by a pair of eyes that belonged to a tiny brown puppy! That’s when Mrs. Nabors looked over at the young girl whose backpack it was. The teacher was then left with a dilemma and she figured there was only one thing she could do…

7. Puppy Day

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Mrs. Nabors decided that in a situation like this, it would be best to go with the flow! Instead of punishing the young girl for bringing the dog into school, she decided to make the best out of the situation. Instead, everyone got a chance to interact with the puppy.

6. Petting The Pup

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Mrs. Nabors decided that she would pass the puppy around the classroom. That way, everyone could have a chance to hold the puppy and have a moment to adore him. However, once everyone had gotten a chance to play with the pup one question still lingered…

5. The Question

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Mrs. Nabors was still plagued by one sincere question, “Where had the dog come from?” She went to ask the young girl about it and the girl gave the simplest answer. “My mom must’ve put him in there.” Who could argue with that logic?

4. Calling Home

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Although the class was having a super fun time with Jake the puppy, Mrs. Nabors knew that class had to go on! She quickly phoned up the girl’s mother so that she could pick up the dog and bring him back home. However, Mrs. Nabors soon got a great idea!

3. Book Fair Mascot

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She soon realized that the book fair was still in need of a mascot to represent it. So Mrs. Nabors nominated Jake to become the official mascot of the book fair! His slogan read: “Paws for a Good Book.”

2. Compromise

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Luckily, Mrs. Nabors was a teacher who could think quick on her feet. Without hesitation, she knew the perfect way to react to an unusual class visitor. Not many teachers could have handled the situation so well.

1. All’s Well

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It seems that in this instance, checking the classroom backpack’s turned out to be a good thing. Mrs. Nabors was able to spot out a puppy that didn’t belong in the classroom while also assigning the book fair the perfect mascot!

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