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Bobcat Attacks Turkey Hunter – All Recorded With His Cell Phone

Kevin Walter, from Manassas, Va was just out hunting one day when he noticed a bobcat taking a peek at him. So what does he do? Pulls out the phone to record it. The bobcat then proceeds to stalking him and then attacking him. Neither Kevin or the bobcat had any injuries.

Watch what happens when a Virginia turkey hunter and American Hunter reader calls in something other than a gobbler on an early spring morning. Ouch!

“After sitting for a few minutes I looked downhill and spotted a bobcat making its way toward me,” Kevin said.

As the cat got to  within 10 yards behind him, Kevin took out his camera phone and started recording the bobcat.

“When it got directly behind me, I gave a few squirrel distress calls,” he said. “That stopped it in its tracks, and it peered around a tree to look at me.”
“It stopped about 4 yards away with its tail flittering about. Then, just like that, it jumped right at my phone, which was next to my face. I swatted it away, and it bounced off my arm and took off like a bat outta hell through the woods.”

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