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Originally posted on December 21, 2015 @ 5:59 pm

Rare Albino Bear Taken In Pennsylvania

Twenty six year old hunter Jeremy Gross took this rare albino bear Dec. 4 in Beaver Township, Columbia County, Pennsylvania. The rare albino black bear sow dressed out at 138 pounds and is estimated to be around four years old.

Kevin Wenner, a biologist for the PGC’s Northeast Region, said Jeremy Gross’s rare albino bear was the first one he ever heard of in his career.

 “We heard from another hunter who saw the bear on Monday, but the extended season wasn’t open then,” Said Wenner. “When the bear was harvested on Dec. 4, it was really spreading on social media. Someone brought a bear in that day and told us about the albino being harvested, and an hour later it showed up.”

Pictures Of  This Rare Albino Bear Via – Times leader


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