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Missouri Hunter Bags A 22 Point Doe

Missouri Hunter Curtis Russell spotted this deer on his trail cam exhibiting all the natural behaviors of a buck, courting and running off other bucks. So naturally Curtis assumed it was a buck.

“It was acting like a buck, pushing a little buck around that was with the group and I really thought it was a buck when I shot” said Curtis Russell.

“I did a 50-yard belly crawl to cut the distance and got to within 175 yards, I was using a Remington 700 .30-06, and when I took the shot it was a clean hit. It was dead before it hit the ground.”

After the deer was taken, the Missouri hunter Curtis realized something was pretty off on his buck. He checked it out and realized that it was in fact a doe. A doe with a 22 point rack. Does with large racks are pretty rare, but some are taken. Experts claim that a high level of testosterone in a doe will cause them to produce antlers.

“There’s a couple different situations where this may occur; one, the doe may simply have a high level of male hormone such as testosterone, the other situation is maybe a hermaphrodite where it has the reproductive organs of both the male and female deer.” Says Derek Farwell who works for the Missouri Department of Conservation.

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Missouri Hunter Bags A 22 Point Doe

“Going to go on the wall; something to tell stories about all throughout my life I guess” Says Missouri hunter Curtis Russell.


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