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Wisconsin Hunter Bags A Rare “Unicorn” Buck

Brian Moffitt, from LaPorte, Ind. was bow hunting last week in southern Bayfield county in Wisconsin when he came across the buck of a lifetime. A rare and unique “unicorn” buck. The rack on Moffitt’s unique unicorn buck has very good mass. The right hand side is palmated, with several kickers and burrs. Depending on how it’s scored, it has between 13- and 16- points and could score 160 or more for Pope and Young. The antlers on this buck are so unique and rare that it’s too hard to know how exactly it measures until it’s officially scored.

I saw him coming in from about 80 yards out, there were a couple of does in front of him, and they went past me” “I had some scents out and he smelled them. He started thrashing his head around and grunting; he really put on show. And he came right in.

Wisconsin Hunter Bags A Rare Unicorn Buck Pictures

“I’ve never seen anything like it, I’ve got several good bucks back at home, but this is the best one.”

“I want to thank my dad for buying this place — he didn’t make it up because of health reasons. We’re a tight family, and we’ve always done things together. I’ve sent him photos already; he’s pretty excited.”

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