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33 Funny Memes for You Fans and Anyone Who Loves Joe Goldberg


They aren’t wrong.

Da da dum..

I’m here for you.

Put on that hat.

Are you not watching the show?

Maybe a new year’s resolution..


How could you?!

Too many words for use.

You saw. know.

In you go.



Just lurking around everywhere.

Have ya, though?

Joe’s surprised.

What did she say?!


How ya doing?!

He’s got his pros and definitely a few cons.

No, why, how?!

Nah, there’s a few..

*murders someone* “Oh hey, want lunch?”

A great holiday gift.

Can you see me?

Murder aside….what…

I’m on it.

Run girl.


Taylor, be careful.

Everyone who read the book before season 2.