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Originally posted on August 11, 2017 @ 9:45 am

33 Quotes for Any #GirlBoss or #BossBabe

If you know you aren’t meant to be average, why are you living like you are? Go further, try harder.

It’s okay to think of yourself when working on your dream. Do it for you, not anyone else.

Soon you’ll be higher than they’d ever expect.

You got this. You know you do. Go out and show it.

Just wait. If they say you can’t do something, show them how you can do it even better than they ever imagined.

It may take longer to get your destination than short cuts, but it’s worth it.

So who’s dreaming now? At least we’ll act on our dreams.



You can do it. Even if takes a whole day to get one thing done, DO that thing.

Which will one will you be? You know the answer. Rise and grind. Be the fire.

Just imagine if all of the world’s greatest business owners took a break because of a cold. Where would we be?

Make your work as good as you look.

After all, you are never given anything you can’t handle. It may take time and extra effort, but you can do it.

Do you want people to say this about you? Show them your hustle.

Best kind of vibe, if you ask me.

Are you going to be a badass? How so? Take your chances and work hard.

Then be a better badass tomorrow. Repeat.

Even if others look down on you, ignore them and move higher. They don’t deserve the view up there.

What’s your work ethic? What are you willing to do?

That would be a shame. You are made to be more than ordinary. Your accomplishments can be more than ordinary. Question is…will you let them?

Sometimes it can be hard to find that thing, but once you do, you’ll be unstoppable. Do you know it? Go for it.

There will be plenty of people who settle or give up. Don’t be one of them.

Resting is fine. Quitting is not, especially if you’re working towards a dream. 

These are distractions on the way to success. Learn how to overcome them.

Every day has a possibility for you.

Rise. Then rise again. Even if you fall, rise faster than you fell.

Outwit your fear. 

You never want to end your life with a bunch of “should” and “could.” 

You think everyone apologizes when they’re on their way to success? Doubt it.

I’m going to keep going. Now, you can join me, or you can stand out of my way.

We rise up, and we grind on.

You’ll see what a mistake that is soon enough. Trust.

Work till they know who you are before you open your mouth.
If no one else does it for you, you’re going to have to do it yourself. It’s worth it.

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