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35 Funny Art Memes You Wish Were in Your Textbooks

Art Actually YouBurn.


Art ArguingTouching.


Art Both Pizza Ay..


Art Evil NatureThey make them happy.


Art Fight VeganHitting people with brussels sprouts.


Art Finally FindHello.


Art Joint Facebook Yes.


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Art Judging People Exactly.


Art Jump ScaredOh good one.
Art Middle BattleWhen you gotta, you gotta.


Art Not NowI can’t stop for death.


Art OrangeHow rude.


Art Pajamas Go away, I tire of this.


Art RoastedLOL.


Art WavingUm..


Art Five CatsThe OG


Art Random Thoughtshere we are.


Art Cheeseburger Please.


Art CrushCan you not?


Art GroupYeah!


Art Person BehindDon’t make a scene.


Art Throw BallBetrayal!


Art PastaUm, no.


Art Swiping Don’t thee go on with that.


Art Look Bouncer So sober.


Art Reveal Ta-da.


Art Trying To Request Stop.


Art Delete That #angry


Art Dead Yet He waiting.


Art DabKids.


Art Watch FilmYou changed everything!


Art GainsAdmiring.


Art Life IdeasHahah


Art Gets StuckWell.

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