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37 of the Funniest Alternative and Honest Names for Animals

Angry one too.

Or an angry sea cat.

Loooooong horse.


Nope, nope, nope.

A huge nope.

A pack of goth turkeys.

Spikey pig.

A majestic animal.

Very majestic yet prissy!


Very grumpy.

Don’t get too close.

*freedom intensifies*

But it’s a cute balloon.

That one is pretty on the nose.

Lovable sea dog.

Walking on water.

Ramming it up.


Flappy flappy..

Always well-dressed.

Or meth squirrel.

Rock that moves.

Gathering that trash, looking so cute.

Prickly pig.


Is that the same for the crocodile?

Um, it’s adorable!

Spitty cuddle monster.

Cuddle hopper.

Disco disco disco!

A very large and sleepy potato.



Flat pancake.

Stinky cat.

Freedom chicken!

I mean, it looks so friendly.

Strutting around being a danger.

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