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39 Funny Pictures That Will Make Your Day

39 Funny Pictures That Will Make Your Day.

Funny Pictures  Water Coming Out Of Electrical Socket Should I Call Plumber Or Electrician

Or a priest, because this looks unholy.


A Funny Picture Showing A Gigantic Towel Captioned When Your Beach Towel Is From Costco

Get a couple of sticks and it could be a cabana!




Funny Picture About A Fat Cat Lying On Sofa Captioned Today I'M Doing Nothing Because I Started Doing It Yesterday And I Wasn'T Finished ... And I'M No Quitter

Live your dreams, man.




Funny Pictures About How To Freak Your Neighbors Out Using Glowsticks And Snow Lumps

Elsa, is that you? What are you up to now?




Funny Picture From A Math Hater Captioned Dear Math, I'M Not A Therapist. Solve Your Own Problems.

And figure out your situation with your x!




A Funny Picture With A Mcdonald'S Happy Meal Box Stuck In A Tree

It waits…




Funny Pictures Showing A Cat Wearing A Foam Fruit Cushion With A Face Cutout

Honestly Brenda, I’m feline like you don’t get it.




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Funny Picture Of Pikachu Sitting On A Pokemon Ball

All I needed was to pikachu.




Funny Picture Of A German Shepherd Sitting On It'S Owners Lap On An Airplane With A Caption: Put A Drug Sniffing, Bomb Detecting, Terrorist Eating, Bad Ass German Shepherd On Every Plane. Problem Solved.

Actually, not a bad idea.

Funny Pictures About A Donkey Sitting On A Fence With Caption I'M Just Gonna Park My Ass Right Here.

Don’t ass-ume he’s lazy though.




Funny Pictures Example Of A Filetofish From Mcdonald'S With The Cheese Stuck To Side Of Burger Instead Of In It Captioned Thank You Mcdonald'S For Your Hard Work And Dedication.

You really went all the way.




A Funny Image Of Old People Dabbing Captioned When The Whole Squad Ends Up In The Same Nursing Home.

Squad 4 life.




Construction Worker With His Arms Inserted Into Pipes Posing For A Funny Picture Captioned: And This Is Why Roadwork Takes Months To Complete.

This picture was taken 5 years into a 2 month project, wasn’t it?




Funny Traffic Light Joke Captured In An Image Captioned I Have A Joke... What Did The Traffic Light Say To The Other Traffic Light? Don'T Look I'M Changing. This Is Why I Have No Friends.

A little light humor didn’t harm anyone.




A Funny Image Of A Cauliflower Cut Into The Shape Of A Sheep Standing On A Bed Of Spinach Captioned How To Confuse A Vegan.

They’ll look at you sheepishly!




2 Funny Pictures Of A Dog Sneaking Into A Shower While Its Owner Leaves Shower Running To Get Clothes.

I feel like you’ve interrupted a private moment.




A Funny Picture Of A Chimp With A Pot Belly And A Sad Face Captioned How I Feel When I Try On Bathing Suits.

Why didn’t I shave?!




A Funny Pictures Showing The Result Of An Owner Giving His Cat Catnip For The First Time.

He had his own version of a “bowl.”




A Creative Student Posts A Funny Picture About How A Student Places Chocolate Bars In Between Pages Of His Notes To Help Motivate Himself To Study For His Exam.

Candy motivation is sweet motivation!




An Image Of Supermarket Aisle With Several Tide Detergent Bottles Turned 90 Degrees From Others Captioned The Tides Have Turned.

And over in the dishwashing liquid aisle, it’s the Dawn of a new day.




A Toddler With A Funny Face Holding A Pencil Writing Frantically Captioned Last Five Minutes Of Exam.

Write everything you can think of!




A Photo Of A Flooded Football Field Captioned Coaches Be Like We Still Havin' Practice.

Or “school is still on!”




A Photo Of A Toilet From The Top View With A Warning Sticker Saying No Diving.

So did someone really need the sticker?




A Cat With Eyes Closed And A Satisfied Smile Tucked Into Bed With Caption: I Can'T Get Out Of Bed... These Blankets Have Accepted Me As One Of Their Own And If I Leave Now I Might Lose Their Trust.

It’s my ongoing experiment.




Funny Whisper Where A Highschool Teacher Writes I Sometimes Pair My Students Into Groups With People I Know They Have Crushes On. It'S Hilarious To Watch.

That’s the #1 reason to be a teacher.




Series Of Funny Pictures Of A Pilot Trolling Tsa By Taking A Tray With Him From Security, Onto A Flight And All The Way Home.

Not all heroes wear capes.




Funny Meme Of Doc Emmet Brown Looking Shocked With Caption: When Your'E Taking A Shower And Your Foot Slips And Your Life Flashes Before Your Eyes.

It was all so so beautiful…




Funny Haircut Picture Where A Teen Shaves The Wifi Symbol On The Back Of His Head.

Pretty fly for a wi-fi guy.




Funny Pictures To Illustrate The Difference Between Kids Playing With Makeup In The 90S Vs Kids Playing With Makeup In 2015 Thanks To Vlogging.

She looks she’s like got a Youtube beauty vlog.




Funny Pictures Of Chris Rock Making A Joke About If Women Ruled The World, There Would Be No Wars... Just A Bunch Of Countries Not Talking To Each Other.

Until the UN threw a wine party.




A Picture Of A Racoon With Its Mouth Wide Open Captioned I'M Not Sure What My Spirit Animal Is, But I'M Confident It Has Rabies.

Lots of rabies.




A Old Black And White Photo With A Toddler Holding An Old Phone Captioned Hello, Jesus... I'M Ready To Come Home... People On Earth Be Trippin'

You’re 5, you haven’t even begun to see tripping!




A Funny Whisper Captioned: Next Time A Stranger Talks To Me When I'M Alone, I Will Just Look At Him Shocked And Just Whisper Quietly &Quot;You Can See Me?&Quot;

My summer plans are set.




A Picture Of An Overturned Coffee Table With Monopoly Board Game Pieces Strewn All Over The Floor.

You thought Game of Thrones was a competitive game. Try playing Monopoly with your mom.




Funny Photo Of A Rabbit Standing On Car Seat Holding Steering Wheel Captioned &Quot;No Time To Explain, Alice&Quot; Get In The Car!

Alice in Wonderland: 2017.




A Photo Of A Horse Sticking His Head Through A Dog Door Captioned &Quot;Oh Hai!&Quot;

Oh hay! How are you? You sound a little horse?




A Funny Joke About Racist Old Woman Was Treated On Tam Airlines.

Serves her right!

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