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TFB Short Clips

Originally posted on April 8, 2017 @ 7:44 am

40 Hilarious Pictures

40 Hilarious Pictures. More funny pictures here.

You’ll never have to straighten another plug again!

She said yes to the cake too!

Uncle Ben! Noooo!

Oh no, my mind just went there too.

Hey at least I was wearing a shirt!

She was thirsty!

It’s such a cutey!


He couldn’t see properly out of his mask!

Yep. busted.

Nature healing?

Why ask the obvious question?

Makes a bigger splash!


Crocs tan.

Go home!

Corduroy should only be made into pants.

Just set voice recorder to on too.

It sounds just as good to the uneducated!

Man of few words!

Not sure if that’s slacking off or OTT?

Yoda sleep must I.

I’m such an idiot.


My inner mathematician is ROFL.

Everything is better on a full stomach.


Suspenders haircut!

Good question.

At least the color blind can see it.

You and me right?

That’s serious now.

Google WTFs?

Have you watched FROZEN?


It works.

Don’t take memory for granted.


Watergate kept him busy.

Now that’s funny.


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