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42 Funny Yearbook Quotes That Show the Kids are Alright

Funny Was Planned

The joys of having a sister: doing things like this.

Funny Jealous Potter


Funny See Me

Well played!

Funny Stranger Things


Funny Cheaters Never


Funny Teaching Me

Well-done. But…youth?

Funny 4 Years

And Y.

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Funny Stupid Quote

He showed her.

Funny Not My Son

Raise that roof, baby!

Funny Claire

Claire took a risk.

Funny Hannah

Hannah was right.

Funny Wifi

Good self-burn.

Funny Fries Guys

But it can be me talking about the quote!

Funny Nigerian Prince


Funny Call Me Daddi


Funny Periodically


Funny Everyone Greg

Greg stole your girl!


Does anyone?

Funny Brighter Future

How many of us could say the same?

Funny Asian B

Ha, dad humor.

Funny Jessie

Siblings are the best at this.

Funny Only Younger


Funny Always Like

Be someone else. Good lesson.

Funny More Honey

He’s right.

Funny Bulbasaur


Funny Is Mayo

Having siblings is fun.

Funny Yearbook Name

He’s smart.

Funny Voldemort

She’s got the clap back.

Funny Teenage Male

Very hard.

Funny Stay Fresh

So fresh.

Funny Shoulders Quote

She wins.

Funny Shake It


Funny Set Bar Limbo

You know it.

Funny Pitcher

That got past the school board?

Funny Peeople

Great thoughts.

Funny Patrick


Funny Four Years

She told them.

Funny Flip It

Nailed it.

Funny Enoughs Should Fail

This is a quote from Lex Luthor, right?

Funny Crappy Ideas

Wise words.

Funny Burned This Down

We all had that feeling.

Funny Acquire

Gamed the system.

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