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TFB Short Clips

50 Top Funny Animal Pictures with Captions to Share


Cats against Vaccuums

Aging is never kind…

Gimme. NOW!

In more than one way I bet!

Dogs are people too!

Born to be wild!

Cutest and furriest gargoyle ever!

Be afraid!

Coming out.

No idea whatsoever.

Making his mark.

Laziest squirrel ever.

Inspirational moment… good talk.

We can smell 1000 times better than you.

Not funny.

Ever since that time at the vets where I came out without my balls…

Not a killer bone in my body!

Free labor.

Best toy ever!

Accupressure mat?

Just like my personality!

Yeah… I’m fit for the job…

My tail is striped like a barcode!

So happy!

Dogs like a high perch too!

Now prepare for battle!


Money money money!

It’s got that oh so satisfying unpluggy feeling!

Don’t do it!

Fake it till you make it.

You betrayed me!

This is your job?

Nothing to be afraid of!


I think I broke him.

Blame the dog.

Don’t want the fun to end!

My eyes… my eyes!

Your move.

Dang it!

Give a fox a fish… 

You’re gonna pay!

Sooooooo cute.

DJ kitty in da house.

Oh but I so love those treats.


Monet of cakes.

Good excuse for a cuddle!



It’s for a greater good!

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