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Check Out This All White Albino Bull Moose

An all white albino bull moose is something most people defiantly don’t see everyday. This all white albino bull moose was seen and filmed by Leisha Camden in Värmland, Sweden back in 2012. After this check out this rare unicorn buck.

In the morning of August 12th we took off on a little sightseeing trip in first Värmland, then Dalarna counties. We hadn’t gotten very far from our house though when we spotted something extremely, extremely cool by the side of the road – a genuine, real live white moose. This is a bull of the species Alces alces. He was standing so still that at first we didn’t think he was real. Ie, obviously he was real, but we thought it might be a statue. Then he suddenly moved. Wow! We all grabbed our cameras, of course. This video shows what I managed to capture before he wandered off. There is allegedly a “tribe”, or whatever, of white moose in the forests in Värmland, but I never thought I would be lucky enough to actually get to see one of them this easily. A tremendous nature experience!! 🙂


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