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Take your workouts to a higher level with the 42mm Space Gray Apple Watch Nike+

The Apple Watch Nike+ is a fine fitness gadget sure to compel the most sedentary individuals to do something with their lives. When you have your sights on a fitness goal, but your mind’s default is set to lazy, this watch offers the incentive needed to take action and start running. The first thing you’ll notice when you put the watch on is how comfortable it is. The band is made from a very lightweight, flexible and breathable synthetic rubber with ventilation holes to keep that odd wrist sweat at bay. It doesn’t cling or start to feel itchy which is a win.

As for the watch’s capabilities and specs, they focus on ease of use, motivation and the watch is just fun to play with.

42Mm Space Gray Apple Watch Nike+Is Review And Price 301


Some highlights of the Apple Watch Nike+ include:

    • Display – The LED Retina Display with Force Touch is crisp, clear, responsive and brilliant. I didn’t have to resort to my awkward hand shading technique outdoors.
    • Band – Yes, we’re back to the band. Along with the previously mentioned, this thing shows no signs of wear.


    • Water resistance up to 50 meters – Fulfilling my dream

of victoriously dousing myself with water at the end of a run was no match for this watch.

    • Ease of Use – One touch and you’re ready to start your run,

viewing stats is just as easy – and so is everything else. Figured out how to use it in about 10 minutes.

  • GPS and Heart Rate Sensor – The watch easily takes the place of the cheap watch currently gracing your wrist as well as a heart rate monitor, fitness tracker and music device. Along with tracking distance during runs, duration, pace and route are also tracked.
  • Adds a Social Aspect – Yes, Apple and Nike effectively used my desire to save face to dish out a healthy dose of fitness motivation. With Nike Run Club, you know when friends run, and they’ll find out when you get a few miles in.
  • Reminders – The watch makes it difficult to revert to your usually lazy self – well that’s the effect it had on me. Reminders to run are triggered by past activity, the weather, and your friends’ activity.

42Mm Space Gray Apple Watch Nikeis Review And Price 303


Apple has yet again made a beautiful piece of technology that you don’t need but can’t not have. Give into the throws of technological advancement and enjoy getting in shape. The watch is certainly worth buying.



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