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Big Chief Unveils The Crow 2.0 – Meet The Crowmod

By now most of you know that Justin Shearer Aka Big Chief and his car “The Crow” (from the TV show Street Outlaws) had a pretty nasty wreck not too long ago, totaling “The Crow”. Well Big Chief is back in the game with the new and improved Crow 2.0, named the “Crowmod”. The “Crowmod” is a bad, bad, just bad car. I’m interested to see how quick the “Crowmod” works it’s way back up the list. I’m not going to list everything done and all the details on the “Crowmod” because well, I don’t feel like typing for the next five hours. Just watch the video and enjoy.

Big Chief Unveils The Crow 2.0 – Meet The “Crowmod”

Big Chief unveils his new car in the WELD Racing booth at PRI 2015


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