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23 of the Funniest and Snappiest Movie Quotes

Funny Sometimes Dont Think


Funny Waiting For Drought

Stop waiting.

Funny Napoleon Steak

Ruining it all.

Funny Nervous

I’m not a beginner.

Funny No Luck


Funny Threshold

Take a good long look.

Funny Masterpiece Of Underestimate

Such a bad day.

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Funny Measles Love

There’s a difference.

Funny Come Earlier

So here we are.

Funny Call Those Children


Funny So Far

What do you base it on?

Quote Kermit

An interesting choice.

Quote Deja Vu

I see what you did there.

Funny Money Happiness

So there we go.

Funny Hit Anything

He must’ve been.

Funny Insanity Controlled


Funny Look Stupid

Do it on your own.


Hey, don’t do that.

Movies14 Breakfast At Tiffany

Going to be a while.

Movies13 Grease

So much.

Movie10 High Society


Movie 3 Le Feu Follet

One. constant. feeling.

Movie4 Empire Strikes

They’re there.

Movie7 Christmas Vacation

You had to ask.

Funny Movie Trouble

What a choice.

Funny Want Salmon


Funny Not Fire

Not even!

Funny Pine Nuts

I think a lot of people might be the latter.

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