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20. The Dog In The Mine

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Deep in an abandoned mine shaft in Colorado, these heroes found a four-legged friend in distress. Not only did they come to its rescue but they repelled into an abandoned mine shaft to complete this amazing and dangerous rescue.

19. Colorado Mining Towns

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As the use of coal has been progressively dying out, the old mining towns across the United States are now quiet little country towns compared to how they were in their heydays. In Colorado, there are lots of old abandoned minds that back up into the mountains that are occasionally stumbled across by hikers such as the ones in this story.

18. Park County

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The group of hikers in this story originally came to be because of one mans solo hike around Park Country Colorado. Preston Gladd a seasoned outdoorsman and hiker, decided to go on a solo hike in the Beaver Creek area, when he was there he could hear weird noises coming from the foothills along the trail. He later determined it was due to an abandoned mine that was located in those foothills. He thought the area was really interesting, so he later came back again but this time he brought his friends.

17. Beaver Creek

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When Preston revisited the Beaver Creek mine site he brought his companions. His girlfriend Portia Scovern and his climbing buddy Gannon. The three went along the trail to where Preston had heard the strange noises coming from the mine.

16. The Mine


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Once they reached the mine they definitely could tell that it had been abandoned for some time. But it appeared to be open enough for people or something to go in. They again heard the noises that Preston had mentioned to them and began to grow concerned.

15. Hearing a Noise

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They stayed within the opening of the mine listening to the noises to try and understand what they were. They could tell it had to be an animal of some kind. The animal was letting out yelping noises and sounded to be in much distress. The animal was definitely trapped.

14. Something Trapped

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Knowing that it was a trapped animal in distress the trio had to do something about it. They figured that they were too far away to call for someone to help so they decided to wander further into the mine to figure out if they could help.

13. Repelling Into Rescue

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The dodo

They went deeper and deeper into the mine and then the noises became louder. They looked over a drop-off area that seemed to go straight down into the darkness and saw a terrified little dog trapped in the bottom.

12. Doggie in Danger

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The dog was stuck on something at the very bottom of the drop-off. They could see that the pup was also badly injured and very malnourished. They wondered how long this poor creature had been down there without anyone to help. The two boys decided they had to go down into the mine and bring the little dog back up with them.

11. Stuck in the Mine

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As they were repelling down into the mine they realized how easy it would be for someone or something to get stuck down at the bottom like the dog had been. The journey toward the bottom began to be more and more stressful the further down they got. Eventually, Preston had reached the dog and was bringing her back up to Gannon who had secured his ropes for him as he repelled.

10. Cheyenne The Rescue

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Once at the surface of the mine, the three looked at the poor little dog who was in bad shape. The trio gave her some water from their water bottles and fed her the little food that they had on hand.

9. Successfully Saved

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The little dog from the mine was successfully out of the mine as the three hikers began to walk back to the car at the trailhead, holding the little dog in their arms. They knew this dog was in need of some serious love and medical attention.

8. Next Steps

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Once in the car, the pup was so grateful and kind toward the hikers that they immediately began to bond with him. They decided to name the little-lost dog Cheyenne. They were determined to take the best care of their new friend Cheyenne but it proved to be difficult.

7. Taking Caren of Cheyenne

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As they took care of Cheyenne, they realized how sick the dog was. they determined she had to have been trapped down in the dark and freezing cold mine for at least over a week. That was a long time to be without fresh air, fresh water, sunlight, or food. They gave the dog several warm baths to bring her back to life a little, but knew it was going to be a long road to recovery.

6. The Road to Recovery

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Cheyenne was beginning to feel and look a little bit more healthy as the days went by. She was now able to walk around and her coat was starting to grow back again. Although focussed on getting her healthy, the trio also wondered if there was someone desperately looking for her.

5. Taking to Social Media

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The group of hikers couldn’t help but wonder who Cheyenne was before they met her in the mine. She had to belong to someone. Was that person lost too? Or did they just leave her and she wandered into the mine looking for someone? They decided to post their story of how they found Cheyenne online and shared pictures of the little dog hoping someone would recognize her.

4. Looking for Her Forever Home

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The little dog’s story went viral and thousands of people were writing in sharing their love for the dog as well as their praise to the hikers for saving the dog’s life.  A day later one of the owners reached out on Facebook claiming her as his own. They said she ran off on a hike and they never saw her again. Cheyenne was soon on her way back home.

3. Dogs like Cheyenne

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Cheyenne’s story is similar to other dogs stories around the country. Luckily with the bravery of hikers around the country, these little dogs who wander too far off the beaten path can be found and returned to their loving owners once again.

2. Rescues

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Although, sometimes not all rescues are as lucky as Cheyenne and their owners cannot be found right away. With the help and service of local animal rescue shelters, these animals can soon find their second chance at life with their next adopted forever home.

1. Happily Ever After


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You never know what could be the story behind a dog’s adoption, especially when they are a rescue animal. But the one thing for sure, it’s probably an amazing story at that.


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