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19. The Story of a Dog Named Enzo

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Out of all the interesting ways a friendship could start, I don’t think many can say they became friends with the person who “marked their territory” on them. This is the interesting story of one unique dog and his compassionate human best friend.

18. Heinze Sanchez

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Heinze, 27, was spending the day in his hometown of  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when his life changed entirely. But many can say this was a change for the better as he was about to meet a lifelong companion.

17.  Heinze’s Life

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Heinze was someone already living a pretty good life by most people’s standards, he was very into working out and exercising. He was in great shape, loved his family, and loved all of the places he had traveled to in his twenties. He was now living by himself in Rio, planning his next steps when his life changed forever one morning.

16. One Morning

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One morning like any other morning, Heinze was walking on the way back from the gym when he decided to sit down on the curb to send a text message. That was when a stray dog came from up behind him and surprised him.

What the dog did next, was totally unexpected, and kind of funny.

15. The Introduction

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And oh did the dog surprise him. The Unsuspecting and preoccupied Heinze was totally unaware that the little dog had been peeing on him until it was too late and he was soaked with dog pee. Heinze was totally taken off guard and the first reaction he had was to jump up and run at the dog almost kicking it in the face. This whole interaction was then caught on the security cameras of the building. The video footage was released to the local news and the footage went viral. Everyone was talking about the funny incident between the man and the stray dog.

14. Finding The Dog Again

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The next day after the incident, he knew he had to find that dog. “I woke up this morning and went after the little dog who peed on my back. I tried to find out who owned it and I knew what street,” Sanchez wrote according to The Daily Mail. Since their encounter, he couldn’t get the unusual dog out of his head.

13. Reunited

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A few days went by and he began to lose hope that he would ever see the little dog again. “I looked for him around the neighborhood, asking if he had an owner,” Sanchez said according to the Daily Mail. But the dog was a stray and had no owner that Sanchez could find. However, he quickly found the dog walking the neighborhood alone.

12. Taking Enzo In

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Once reunited, he decided to take the small dog in as his own. According to Uplift Online, The dog instantly recognized Sanchez, and, while wagging his tail, came bounding over to him. Sanchez played with the dog for a bit and realized that, despite their rough start, they had a good relationship.

Their bond was only about to get stronger with time.

11. Becoming Friends

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Sooner or later the two actually began to be very good friends. “I then decided to take him home,” Sanchez said according to The Daily Mail. “He came with me. He’s quite docile, stays close to me, cries when I have to leave home. He made a bit of a mess in my neighbor’s home, but he’s a good dog.” Sanchez named the dog Enzo.

10. Man’s Best Friend

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He named him and ever since, the two were basically best friends. “I gave him that name because I always said that when I had a child, his name would be Enzo,” Sanchez said according to The Daily Mail. “And now, he’s with me, fed and clean.”

They were about to do everything together, too.

9. Where are They Now?

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The two now live together and Enzo goes with Sanchez everywhere. They are hardly spotted without each other as Enzo comes along for train rides, and walks to the grocery store.

8. Enzo’s New Life

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Enzo had been a stray all his life and was grateful to be given such a good, new lease on life. He was living the life of his dreams with an entire home to his own when Sanchez would leave for work.

7. The Unlikely Friendship

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The two were inseparable and everyone in the town thought it was hilarious how they became such good friends considering the way they met. But I guess first impressions don’t have to be everything. Especially when you are a cute little dog.

Sanchez agrees that his life hasn’t been the same since he met Enzo.

6. Life Was Never The Same

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It was safe to say that life was never the same for either of them. They were best friends and napping buddies. Sanchez could not help but share his life with his new best friend to all of his friends and family.

5. ‘Pee’s in a Pod

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They were recognized by locals everywhere after having their initial encounter captured in a viral video. A number of people who would come up and take their pictures of the two became just apart of their daily lives together.

4. Goofing Around

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Eventually, all the goofing around and the close-knit friendship the two had developed resulted in Sanchez taking to Facebook to create a page dedicated to Enzo. He wanted to share his new buddy with the community, and this was the best way he knew how.

3. Facebook Friends

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The Facebook page just like their video quickly picked up internet traction and many other people began commenting on their own pet stories and how they met. There were hundreds of people writing in about their pets daily.

2. Dogs Like Enzo

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After looking at how much his Facebook page had grown Sanchez was moved by all of the stories from owners about how they adopted of met their stray dog. He realized that every dog that is left out on the street is just another Enzo waiting for his best friend.

1. Building a Community

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Sanchez now aims to build his online community around rescuing stray dogs like Enzo. He hopes that more people will embrace meeting strays like he did and hopefully even take them in as friends of their own. You never know what could happen. Just ask Enzo.


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