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The Unbreakable Bond Between Dog & Owner


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For some dog owners, the bond between man and canine is impenetrable. No one can really understand the love between a dog and their owner and, for most, they know their dog and its personality inside and out. So for one man, when his dog promptly sat down while they were out on a walk, he knew something was terribly wrong. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning to a gut-wrenching story.

Adoption on the Horizon


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One day, a man looks at a flyer for dogs available to adopt at the local shelter. When he arrives, he is immediately drawn to a senior dog, which he promptly adopts.

Little Trouble Maker

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Of course, the dog had a few issues to work out. One great moment sticks out to the owner, where the dog teared up the trash in his owner’s apartment. Thankfully, the human had a sense of humor and found the picture of his dog, lying in the middle of a trash heap quite amusing.

Time for Training

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The owner promptly cleans up the mess his new dog gifted him with and then decides to train him to use his new bed. Of course, the dog has other plans and would rather have a few belly rubs instead. It seems to me this dog is looking to be seriously spoiled.

Learning New Tricks


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The man tries to take the dog out for a walk. While the dog is pensive at first, thanks to his owner’s patience, they soon get the hang of it and start to work together. The owner is even able to teach the dog a few tricks. It seems these two were meant to be!

Bonding Together

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Over the course of their time together, the man and his dog bond over treats, kisses, and tons of cuddles. It seems like neither one of these boys has a care in the world. All they need is one another. That’s real love right there!

Something is Wrong

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Unfortunately, things take a turn when out for a walk and the owner realizes his pooch is beginning to slow down. They attend a vet visit for a check-up and, sadly, his best friend is not doing well. This leads to a heartbreaking moment where the owner must leave his friend behind and head home alone…

Devastated and Alone

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Back at home, the man is devastated. Everywhere he turns is a reminder of his furry pal. The food bowl, the bed, all of the things he will never use again. Unable to cope, the man falls into despair and begins to drown his sorrows.

Hope is Not Lost


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However, hope is not lost. Rather than wallow in the misery of the friend he lost, the man finds another flyer advertising for dog adoptions. It’s then he realized, while he may have lost one friend, there are many more waiting for a forever home at the shelter.

Please Rescue


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Picking up his leash, the man heads back to the shelter to find another pal and a new friendship is born. PETA hopes that this story will inspire people to rescue rather than support the breeding industry. Remember, there are so many discarded animals waiting to be loved that might never get a chance.

Cat Stevens Loves His Dogs


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Yusuf Islam is a well-known singer and songwriter who was born in Great Britain in 1948. His career took off during the 1960s, when he performed under the name Cat Stevens. Over the course of his career, he’s earned quite a few musical and humanitarian awards. So, what does this have to do with a man and his dog? Well, for one thing, the first single Cat Stevens ever recorded was titled, “I Love My Dog,” which appeared on his first album, Matthew and Son. It was quite popular in the U.K. and spent seven weeks on the charts in 1967. Quite the feat, that’s for sure! Find out what Cat Stevens has to do with the man and his dog in the next few slides…

A Furry Friend Love Letter


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The song is a love letter to his furry friend and goes on to state that, even though romances come and go, the love of a dog is unconditionaland that couldn’t be truer. Dogs ask very little of us in return for our love and devotion. Well, they always want a treat or two now and then. How does this all connect to the man and his dog? Well, you’ll find out in the next slide!

Something Special for 50th Anniversary

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Over the years, the song has become quite a hit with other dog lovers and also held a very special place in Islam’s heart. A proud vegan and PETA supporter, he decided he wanted to do something extra special for the song’s 50thanniversary–see the next (and last) slide to find out what he did.

The PETA Partnership


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Therefore, Islam decided to team up with PETA, one of the world’s largest animal rights organizations for a special story using his song to help encourage animal adoptions. Did the story have you cutting onions? There is no way you can get through that without crying.

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